Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Amanda Ashley- Everlasting Desire

Rhys Costain is the Master of the West Coast and after almost killing his best friend Erik over his choice of lovers, the Blood Thief. He knew he would be forever alone. At the age 512 years old no woman has ever made him want to be human again until he meets Megan DeLacey, she is a high-end clothing store personal shopper. Rhys is so taken by her that he goes in every night and buys clothes. Then after shopping one night Rhys notices that the store is being robbed and he saves Megan. He is then able to talk her into going out on a date. After dating for awhile a vampire hunter catches wind of Rhys and while defending himself, Megan sees the other side of Rhys, red eyes and long fangs. He tells her to run for her safety, but she keeps running in hopes to get away from her feelings for him. Then her roommate tells her shes dying and she had already figured out Rhys was a vampire so she asks Megan to ask him to change her. Megan is dead set against her roommate becoming a vampire but she asks Rhys anyway. Rhys turns her roommate, but the roommate changes for the worst and hooks up with Tomas, a vampire even older than Rhys. Plus he is the same one who allowed Erik to save his lovers family members. Now Tomas has come to take over Rhys territory. Megan gets badly hurt and is in a coma for month. After promising never to turn Megan, Rhys is stuck with the hard choice of turning her or letting her die. And if he does turn her there is a chance that she may still be in a vegetated state.
My Rating 4.5

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  1. Really good read. More lovin/sex in this book then normaly in amanda ashley books. She teases a lot and the sex is in the end of her books . It was all over but not a lot of detail