Sunday, February 6, 2011

C.L. Wilson - Queen of Song and Soul

The fourth book picks up right where King of Sword and Sky ends. Banished from The Fading Lands, Rain and Ellysetta are determined to save the world from the evil Mages of Eld and hoping to complete their truemate bonds before Rain succumbs to bond madness or Ellysetta, who is two marks away from her soul being captured, is marked again by the High Mage, Vadium Maur.  We travel with Ellysetta and Rain across the lands with the intent to create alliances with the Celierians, Elves and Danae to fight the war against the Mages. It is discovered that the High Mage Maur has been preparing for war much longer than thought and that the only way to win is to have the combined forces of all races to fight the dark magic. However they are not met with open arms and old alliances have been marred and will be further tested. As they prepare for war, do they get the help they need or has their alliances been stretched too far? Does Ellysetta find her way to Rain and save him from the bonding madness? Does Ellysetta get saved from the High Mage or does she get marked again, giving in to the evil that lurks inside? 
My thoughts: I fell in love with Rain and Ellie from the beginning and have waited patiently (*snicker*) for each book to be released. It turned into an Epic tale spanning five books. The books take on a life of their own and I found myself looking forward to reading about not only the main characters but all the secondary characters themselves. I had bonded, grown attached and fallen in love with the Fading Lands. C. L. Wilson not only endeared us to characters but to the world she built. Queen of Song and Souls (QoSS) contains all the elements for a terrific read exposing us to a detailed and creative fantasy world. And yes these books are redolent of J.R.R. Tolkien, think of all the elements that made LoTR great and throw in romance and you have entered the Fading Lands! The Elves who for me raised more questions than answers are mysterious! Not only do we get to see into the depths of love Ellyesetta and Rain have for each other but also many minor characters love stories along with suspense and evil, vile bad guys. C.L. Wilson combines all of these elements terrifically with her writing. The emotions that she was able to pull out while reading the book I think pretty much covered them all – happy, angry, surprised, thoughtful, fretful and a deep sadness. The Fading Lands Series has paved the way for other characters to get their own book and HEA! Each book will be a single book which takes use on a journey and subsequently to their mate. Bel and Gaelens books have been contracted with options for others on the table. 
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  1. thats the worst part about series.. you having to wait so long for you favorites books to come out