Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kathyrn Smith- Night After Night

Well, I had so much typed out for this book and then I put my laptop down and Ms. Ellie Mae decided she wanted to walk across my keyboard and erased everything.
I think this was my favorite book out of the entire series, Temple was in the top two of my favorite vampires in the series but I really liked the story from this book. Temple is the unspoken leader of the group of six men who drank from the Blood Grail and turned into vampires over 600 years ago. Temple was the Guardian of the Grail for many years until he melted it down and sent the five pieces of silver to his fellow vampires. There were six from the beginning but one could not handle what he became so he met the dawn, as they call it. The Order kidnapped or should it be vampnapped Temple to draw the other four to them. He was held for weeks before he grew strong enough to escape, but during the time he was held captive he was cared for my one person, Vivian. Vivian was unlike any woman he had ever met, she smelled differently to him. Vivian always knew she was different from other women, she was stronger and faster, so when Temple escaped she was sent after him. Little did she know that he would be waiting for her. All of the books in this series revolve around the Blood Grail that the men drank from, the blood that they drank was from Lilith, who many believe was Adam's wife before Eve. She was cursed and that is where the curse of the vampires come from. So to wrap this up and to stop telling the entire story to you like I normally do, I really enjoyed this book and cried like a little girl at the end of the story. This author wrapped everything up so nicely that I was an emotional wreck from all the happiness- man I love a good HEA and this one was one of the best ever. She explained everything for each character and just left me in tears it was so good.
My rating: 5

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