Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shayla Black- Decandent (book 2)

Oh man, Deke... Deke... Deke!! We met Deke in Jack and Morgan's, he is Jack's business partner and friend. He is ex-military like most of the men in these books and is pretty yummy except for a few mental hang-ups (lol). Deke has a thing about threesomes and has no problem letting people know that is what he is into. He lives in Texas with his yummy ass cousin Luc but goes to La to help Jack protect Morgan. A few things happen with Deke, Morgan and Jack but when it is all over, he heads back to Texas. Kimber, who Deke has know for over ten years, shows up at his door needing his help. Deke worked with her father as a bodyguard when Kimber was 17 years old and he treated her like she was not even there. She thinks she is in love with a pop singer who is into threesomes but since she is a virgin she goes to Deke for instructions and training. Deke's cousin Luc, who is a celebrity chef, is all into the threesomes with him and is very willing to help with Kimber. Deke agrees to the teaching but sets up a lot of ground rules. Kimber agrees to them and moves in with the guys for two weeks and let me tell you how hot those two weeks turn out to be. Deke is a huge ass to Kimber and she leaves, Deke has so many dark things in his past keeping him from opening his eyes to what he really wants he lets her go. Now when all three of them come clean to each other and the truth is out is when things really got good for me. Loved Deke but let me tell you Luc is H..O..T and good golly miss molly my Favorite in the series so far.
My Rating: 4.5

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