Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shayla Black- Delicious (book 3)

DELICIOUS... Yes that one word describes Luc.. Yummy, yummy, and Yummy. We know Luc from Deke's book, he is Deke's cousin that lives in Texas. In Deke's book to prove a point to Deke he goes to Alyssa for a threesome. Alyssa is an ex-stripper who now owns the strip club and is opening her own fine dining restaurant. Part of agreeing to be with Deke and Luc she made Luc promise to be a guest celebrity chef the opening week of her restaurant. After their 6 hour long sex marathon, Luc leaves before she wakes up and shows up 3 months later to do the guest chef deal that he agreed too. Boy the sparks fly in this book, Luc wants her, she wants him, Tyler her bodyguard wants her, Luc wants no one to have her, some crazy stalker(s) want her, I want Luc, Luc wants me!!  Haha ok so the last bit was in my head but a girl can dream, right? The man is sex on two legs and Shayla Black writes this man like you just can't believe. He is venerable, sexy, smart, sexy, and wants so badly to have a family that is will do just about anything to have it. I stayed up all night reading this book because I could just not put him down. He is pretty awesome!! 
My Rating: 5 

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