Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shayla Black- Wicked Ties (book 1)

Morgan is a cable network tv host, who has her own sex talk show. Her whole life she has had thoughts about sex that she was taught to believe are wrong and dirty. So when her co-worker got some contact info for a man who is into the Dom/sub lifestyle she jumped at the chance to talk to him to prepare for an upcoming show. Morgan is having problems of her own with a stalker threatening her, she leaves LA to go to Texas to get away from the stalker and closer to the man she is communicating with about the Dom/sub lifestyle. While meeting with Master J she is shot at and he vows to protect her. She tells him about her stalker so he takes her away to a remote cabin in the swamps of Louisiana. Once there Jack discovers that Morgan is not who he thinks she is, Jack knew who she was when she contacted him. He had reasons for wanting to meet her and now that he is with her all those reasons fly right out the door. This is a good book with lots of sex and a few threesomes. Overall I enjoyed the book and really enjoyed the characters. I could go on about the book but I just don't want to give any more away than I have already. The men are tough, strong and lovable.
My Rating: 4.5

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