Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Diana Gabaldon- Drums of Autumn (book 4)

Claire and Jamie have landed in the colonies in America. It starts with them watching the hanging of one of his friends. While this happens another prisoner escapes. Jamie and them find him in their wagon and they agree to take him past the checkpoints. His name is Bonnett. Bonnett leaves them to go his own way but Jamie can't help but to wonder if something bad will come from it. Claire and Jamie set sail to his aunt's land so they can have some food and shelter. On the way there they are attacked by pirates and Bonnett is there and he steals their gem stones. Claire attacks one of the pirates and he wants to kill her but Bonnett stops him since Jamie saved him. While at his aunt's property he is asked by a governor if he wants a land grant to set up houses and farming. Meanwhile Brianna and Roger in the 1960s come across where Jamie and Claire will die in a house fire. So Brianna has decided to go back and save them and Roger follows her. What will come of Jamie and Claire? What will happen with Brianna and Roger?
My rating is a 4 (Sandy- Guest Blogger)

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