Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Diana Gabaldon- Voyager (book 3)

This is the third book in the series. The second one ends with Claire going back to her regular time in the 1960's. She has asked Roger to find out about the men from the war. She didn't ask about Jamie because she knew he was dead. Roger does research and he finds out that Jamie lived. Claire has her daughter with her who is Jamie's kid. Claire tells Bree about her father and Bree tells her to go back and find him. So Claire returns to 1700's and finds Jamie. Claire finds out what Jamie has been up to since the 20 years they have been separated. There is someone after Jamie because they know that he is a traitor so they are trying to get proof. Claire and Jamie are also trying to find his nephew Ian because he was abducted. Jamie and Claire also have run into someone from the past and have to deal with them. Will Claire and Jamie find Ian and will they survive to still be together?
Rating 4.5    (Guest blogger Sandy)

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