Saturday, March 5, 2011

Keri Arthur- The Darkest Kiss (book 6)

Vampire hunter Riley Jenson returns to take on two serial killers: one kills high society women and the men in their lives; the other kills seemingly unrelated people, gruesomely. Riley has her own problems: she can't sense the spirits of the dead at the murder scenes, and she's nursing a broken heart. The more investigating Riley does, the more she realizes that her brother's lover may be in danger, and the reappearance of Quinn O'Connor, a vampire that she loved and lost, complicates matters further. The paranormal Australia that Arthur concocts works perfectly, and the plot speeds along at a breakneck pace. Riley fans won't be disappointed.
In this book, Riley explores her newly discovered bird shifting ability, however not quite getting the hand of flying. She is guarding her broken heart closely since her Kellen left her -- she's also abstaining from sex, except during the full moon. Non-stop action as Riley is assigned to track down the killer in a high profile murder of a shapeshifter politician. Riley is also asked by Shadow, the owner of a shifter strip club, to look into the death of a friend that the authorities classified as an accidental death due to BDSM gone wrong. Riley feels that she's dealing with two serial killers and while it doesn't take her long to figure out the identity of the killers, stopping them is not going to be as easy. Both are powerful entities. Riley has really grown into the Guardian role in this book.
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