Saturday, March 5, 2011

Keri Arthur- Moon Sworn (book 9)

In the ninth and final entry in Arthur's deservedly popular Guardian series (after 2009's Bound to Shadows), a strong start and a terrific ending are poorly served by a disjointed middle. As series heroine Riley Jensen, a part-vampire/part-werewolf investigator, tries to find the perpetrator of a series of ritualistic murders, she must cope with her ever-changing biology and the knowledge that she killed her soul mate. She begins to contemplate leaving her job and shacking up with Quinn, her centuries-old vampire lover. Then a longstanding enemy destroys Quinn's car—with Quinn in it—and Riley's world goes black. She awakens with amnesia and struggles to regain her identity in a lengthy section that reads like an excerpt from a different book and leaves little room for resolving the series, a decision that will sorely disappoint Arthur's fans.
This is the last book in the series and that made me very sad, but it had to end sometime. Riley is recovering from her werewolf half's broken heart, with Quinn by her side. She has decided that she needs to leave the Directorate and Quinn has offered to help. But of course, the unexpected happens. Riley is forced off the road in her car and Quinn's car is crushed to pieces (with him in it). Riley's former pack member, out for revenge, kidnaps her and she wakes up with amnesia in the desert. She doesn't know who she is, but her "brother" is there to help her in any way possible. This was one of my favorite books because it was so different from the others. As with all books of this nature, there is light at the end of her black tunnel and everything ends happily ever after.
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