Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nina Bangs- Eternal Craving (book 2)

Jenna knew something had to be wrong with her sister Kelly. You don't get a job driving one week and a husband the next. So she followed her sister to Philly after they left Houston. Jenna was a tabloid journalist and she was concerned about her sister, she knew with all the weird stuff Kelly told her she was feeling towards her new husband Ty before she married him. Now she claims all is fine and they are very much in love. But when she first told Jenna how she felt about Ty it was pure terror. So she contacted Kelly's boss Fin and asked to come visit. Fin let her visit because he always has uses for people. And just like her sister, he saw Jenna in a vision which would help them get rid of another Immortal, that would help take over the world and rid it of all humans. Al is short for Allosaurus, his dinosaur soul was put in a human body about two months ago and he misses his pack and his dino life 65 million years ago. He didn't feel he fit in the twenty first century until he meet Jenna and she started to awaken some of those human emotions he wasn't ready to feel. He wanted to send her away so he could go back to feeling sorry for himself and hating his boss Fin. But Fin had other ideas in mind and since they were in charge of saving the world and defeating the 9 now 8 immortals he needed Jenna to do it. Who will win the battle, Al as a human or his dino side?
My Rating 4.5


  1. This is a crazy good series.. Al at this point is my fav.. But its because he has a long braid that sits right above his butt.. and only lets his hair hang free when hunting.. damn i love hair.. too bad the damn cover doesnt match the man in the book

  2. Loved it! Thanks for recommending!