Monday, March 14, 2011

Nina Bangs- Eternal Pleasure (book 1)

This is a new series for me I have been planning to read for a while. It's very Different from anything I read before.. Which I like a whole lot.

Ty has been taking a 65 million year nap, with only one voice filling him in on what he is to become now. Before Ty went to sleep so long ago he was a Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex for short. So all the things the Voice is telling him is new about the world, he had to learn he was now human with the soul of a T-Rex. But also he had to behave as a human would. But when he was fighting evil his T-Rex soul would enclose him with his human body in the middle and he would be come the T-Rex. He learned that the voice was Fin. He had the idea he knew Fin from the past but every time he tried to remember it would hurt. Fin had raised the 11 souls he saved 65 million years ago for this day. There are evil immortals that can only try to take over the world every so many years. And Fin and the Eleven have been fighting them back. But Fin has cleared their memories of any past lives besides their dinosaur one. Fin hires drivers for The Eleven and that's when Ty meets Kelly he feels a draw to her right away. But all Kelly feels is an uncontrollable fear and a need to run like she is prey. Ty being a T-Rex sees her has a quick mating like he did as a T-Rex. But soon learns that his human feelings need more. Fin finds out of his feelings for Kelly and tries to scare Ty from asking her to do what all Mates of the Eleven must do. She must walk into the heart of the beast, see all his past lives and take a piece of his soul which will make her immortal like him and bond them for life. But Fins tells Ty most woman can't handle what they see and come out no longer loving the man. Will Kelly be strong enough to take a piece of his soul? Will Fin allow it ?
My Rating 4.5

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  1. this was a really good series.. so much so that i wrote the author asking her why was she writing so slow.. 3 books in 3 years is umm no answer from her