Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nina Bangs- Eternal Prey (book 3)

Utah was use to always being in a pack, until he lost one of his identical brothers, Rap to a Vampire set up. Being a part of the Eleven as long as you are in raptor form they were indestructible but they walked into the restaurant in their human form and Rap lost his head. Fin was able to save his soul, but because of the war with The NINE, now seven, he couldn't spare any of his power while keeping Zero from destroying them to put Rap back into a body, so he put him in a safe place. Where they all slept for 65 million years until he could raise him again. Utah and his last brother Tor didn't handled this well. Utah went on a killing spree of all vampires, until Fin pulled him back and gave him a new human driver who turned out to be Lia, the human who was in charge of running a vampire clan after her evil mother was killed. She wanted to prove herself before becoming a vampire. Utah hated all vampires and knew he should hate her also. But he fell for her and when she was forced to become a vampire sooner then she planned, she wondered if Utah would hate her. But then Fin told her he saw her in a vision and only she could send home the evil immortal Seven, so she was partnered with Utah to find out what she needed to do to get rid of Seven.
If the numbers confuse you, there were 10 Immortals who want to take over and destroy the master race of the world which are humans and let the vampires, werewolves, demon and so on fight it out. Fin is the leader of the Eleven, we don't know where he comes from and he doesn't talk about his past. We just know he is very powerful and he placed Eleven dinosaur souls into eleven bodies and fill them with knowledge so they become adapt to this time and so they can fight the Immortals. Well Fin doesn't know the true names of the 10 evil Immortals so he has named them numbers with the Big boss being Zero.
My Rating 4.5

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