Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nina Bruhns- Vampire Sheikh (book 3)

Seth Aziz, the demigod of the night/moon is pissed and bitter. After believing his sister, Nephtys' vision of a soul mate and learning the woman she saw in her vision choose his best friend Rhys and ran off to his enemies camp. He had given up on love until he and his sister learned that the woman in her vision wasn't the younger sister Gillian but the older sister, Joss. Seth was ready to woo her and convince her to come and live with him like her two other sisters had chosen their way of life by falling in love with Seth's best friend and Captain of the Guards, Rhys and Shahin. But Seth's enemy knows about her and he plans to us her to get Nephty back.. she was stolen from him 5k years ago by Seth's father. But no one knew this but Ray, the demigod of light/sun. Nephty was a slave when she was stolen but she thought that Ray had sold her.  So for all these years she loved and hated him at the same time. And when Ray came for her she just figured it was because she was the High Priestess and only she could make more immortals . But he's truly in love with her. So he made a deal with her, he would trade her becoming his wife and he would leave Josselyn alone. Joss is the elder of the three sisters and she has been looking for them since they went missing. When Seth learns that his sister traded herself her Joss, he starts to hate Joss like its her fault and he doesn't want anything to do with her, even though he needs her to live. Will Seth get over his misguided feelings? Will Ray's love be enough to convince Nephty that he can be good deep down?
My Rating 4.5      

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