Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Patricia Briggs- River Marked (book 6)

Let me just start by saying I have loved this series from the beginning and that did not change with this book, even though I thought this one was very different from the other five in the series. In the previous books there has always been a lot of different characters filling the pages with Mercy and I have liked them all. A few of the same characters are in this book and she introduces new ones, I like the new Native American characters from this book too. Mercy is a half human, half shifter that can shape shift into a coyote but let me tell you she also has a few other things thrown into her mix. This strong, independent woman has been a favorite female character of mine for years and she just keeps getting better. She is a college educated woman who by choice works as a VW mechanic in her own shop. The ranking of shifters is pretty extraordinary in this series, not many series I've read let other shifters into their packs. Mercy was raised by werewolves but she was given to them by her mother when she was small. When she moves to the Tri-Cites area she has to register with the local werewolf pack who is lead by Adam. There is so much I can say about Adam but I will leave it all for you to read and find out on your own. He is definitely Alpha!!  So for years they have been flirty & fighting neighbors but in the last book they finally started dating. In this book they get married and just about the entire book takes place on their honeymoon. (I would have liked a little more sex in this book lol especially since they are on their honeymoon) Like I said before this book is so different from the others in the series but that doesn't make it a bad book, the love and chemistry between Adam and Mercy is fantastic. When the action gets going and things get dangerous for Mercy, Adam opens his heart to how much he really loves her and how he knows he can not make it without her. The authors writing is humorous where it needs to be and serious where it needs to be, lets just say Adam's comments about WalMart are pretty funny. I was disappointed when I finished the book and not because of the story but because it was over and I wanted more. I look forward to the next book!!!
My Rating: 4

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