Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chloe Lang- Going Wilde (book 1)

(The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada) [Erotic Contemporary Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M] Jessie never imagined she would find anything special in remote Wilde, Nevada. She's come to do her job, not to get involved with a man, much less some of the hottest cowboys she's ever seen. The five Wilde brothers are everything a woman could want. But Wilde has its secrets, and one of them could be deadly. 
The minute Jackson Wilde sees Jessie he knows she's the one for him and his four brothers, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, and Austin. The gorgeous city girl calls to him like no one before, but she's convinced she doesn't belong in a place like Wilde. With danger lurking around every corner, Jackson will have to prove that she's finally come home.
Okay, so I started this book because maybe since I haven’t been sexually active in the last 9 months (even though I’m in a relationship) I needed something to take the edge off. Well, this series certainly has done that. I am one of those people that really doesn't like to read about a lot of sex in books. I guess I just want a really good story. Don’t get me wrong sex is great (if you are getting it! Hahaha) The moment I opened the book I was hooked…line….and sinker. I have NEVER put myself into the main character’s place in any of the stories I’ve read. This time I did. It was a wonderful ride . You will need to read these books in order.
The town of Wilde, Nevada has a secret but people from out of town don’t know unless they settle down there. Even though it’s polygamy, I didn’t see it that way. To me it was a reverse of polygamy. There are many husbands for one woman. Jessie, who works as a mine safety investigator and is from out of town is the unsuspecting target of the Wilde brothers passions. She has come to do a job but the brothers do a job on her, and trust me she enjoys every minute of it. The first brother that falls for her is Jackson.
You probably think that this book is all about sex. Yes and no. Believe it or not there IS a story included. Someone doesn’t want Jessie in town and one of the brothers isn’t really into the family’s lifestyle, and it’s up to the other brothers to change his mind about Jessie. Between all the romps in the hay, strange and violent things happen not just to Jessie but other people in Wilde, who work for the Wilde Family Mine.
If you are weak of heart and don’t want to have to get your vibrator out, then you may not want to read this series.
My Rating: 5
Thank you Dawn- Guest Blogger


  1. Dawn I am right there with you on this series- loved both books and yep yep if you don't like sex then skip this series but if you do- READ it!! The five brothers are great- we know four really well so far but the oldest is still standoffish- Austin is the oldest brother and you know he will prob be the last book but once he falls Oh Sookie is it gonna be good. I think I know who the bad guy is but with a story like this it can change at any time. Looking forward to the next books in this series. I just loved Jackson in this book.

  2. Hmmm you got me interested LOL. I'll have to check these books out.