Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sophie Renwick- Mists of Velvet (book 2)

Hidden from mortals, Annwyn, the Otherworld, is home to shapeshifters, wraiths and dragons. Rhys MacDonald, the mortal great-grandson of a banished prince races to Annwyn to offer help when his ancient homeland is threatened by a dangerous Dark Magick. There he encounters a young goddess and shapeshifter, who thinks he is the mate foreseen in her dreams. Bound together by the flames of desire, they discover that destiny-and the Dark Magick- has other plans for them...
Rhys MacDonald is a mortal but he is from the line of a banished prince, Daegan, who left Annwyn to be with his human lover. Rhys knows that something is happening in Annwyn and he wants to help. Keir is his shadow wraith who protects him. Suriel who is a fallen angel and Keir warn Rhys not to go into Annwyn because of the Dark Mage. But Rhys is stubborn and he goes there and he is caught by the Dark Mage. Rhys gets to the Pool for safety and he is helped by his dream woman. Bronwnn is a Goddess and she recognizes Rhys and knows that he is her mate. But Cailleach plans to wed Bronwnn to Keir for an alliance with the wraiths. Will Rhys and Bronwnn be able to be together or will they be separated from each other?
My Rating: 5 (Guest blogger Sandy)

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