Sunday, May 29, 2011

Darkfire Kiss- Deborah Cooke (book 6)

Rafferty was the most romantic dragon in his Pry, always helping his Pry brothers with their Firestorms. A firestorm is when you meet your destined mate and she and only she can carry the child of her mate, always a male child. But in the old times not all Prys stayed with their mates. They left them to go fight only coming back to claim their son when he hits puberty. But Rafferty has always seen Firestorms as a way to make a bonding relationship with their mate and helped all his Prys to see it his way. But after 1200 years and still no firestorm for him, he was starting to wonder if he was being punished for not taking the teaching of his grandfather. Until finally his firestorm hits him but it's different this time usually after mating with your mate and impregnating her the Firestorm is satisfied. Sadly that's not to be with his mate Melissa she had cancer and is unable to have children. Plus their Firestorm has a dark light to it. Which was later learned to be DarkFire, the most dragons didn't believe existed. But they knew if anyone could solve the mystery on how to satisfy the DarkFire FireStorm it is Rafferty. First his must heal his mate's broken heart so she will be willing to share her life with him.
My Rating: 4.5