Sunday, May 8, 2011

Larrisa Ione- Eternal Rider (book 1)

Wow this is a new series about the four horsemen of the apocalypse, it starts off with a good angel named, Yenrieth and an evil succubus Lilith, that has been trying to seducing him for decades, but he resisted. Sadly Yenrieth liked his wine too much and let his guard down. No one knows what happened to him, but 9 months later Lilith gave birth to four children, 3 sons Reseph, Ares, Thanatos, she switched all with human babies and allowed them to be raised in the human world.. She took her only daughter Limos to Sheoul, it's like the demon hell. Limos escaped after being promised to satan and found her brothers, she told them the truth of what they are, it was a shock to them and they responded badly causing wars and death. They were punished for their deeds by becoming the Four Horsemen. Meaning if their seal is ever broken they would turn evil and cause the Apocalypse and destroy the world. Well if you read the Demonica series you met Sin and Sin was Reseph's seal, so when she caused the werewolves plague it broke Reseph's seal turning him evil and into his new name Pestilences. And his sole goal was to turn his other brothers and sister into their Apocalypse names. So he set his sights on turning his battle warrior brother Ares first, he wanted him to be War. But to break Ares' seal you have to kill the fallen angel who has it, Pestilence killed almost all the fallens, until it left only a human to take the seal. Humans can only hold the seal for hours until they die. But Cara was small town self trained Vet and after being awaken in the middle of the night and saving a weird dog, she was attacked by the Aegis who thought she was a demon, because no one could heal a Hell Hound. The Hell Hound was so grateful he licked her joining their life forces. So once the fallen angel knew this, he knew he could transfer the seal to her and maybe the Horsemen could find a replacement fallen angel before she died or was killed. Either way would cause Ares to become evil.
My Rating: 4  

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  1. good series cant wait for more.. and i love we see the Demonica series people in it also