Saturday, May 14, 2011

Navarro's Promise- Lora Leigh (book 24)

I'm not really sure on where to start with this book, just to get it out first, I did like the book but not as much as I liked all the other books. This book just seemed rather short to me and not complete. Come to find out it was not complete, the publisher left out about 10 or more pages towards the end and honestly they were very important pages. I think they would explain what is missing in this book. Mica is the female lead and she never lets her guard down enough for me to really like her and Navarro is the male lead who def. never lets his guard down for me to like him. Their emotional problems keep them from telling the other what they really want and what they really need. (I needed this) There is plenty of sex in the book but not enough love making in the book, to me they never fully mated/bonded as a couple. They have known each other for many years and are pulled to each other every time they are close but he was made in the labs as a wolf with recessed genes. For this reason his mating heat is different from other Breeds, she has it once they get together but he can actually shut it off. It was nice to have some of the other Breeds show up and read a little about them, I will always enjoy Jonas. Cassie was a major part of this book since she is best friends with Mica but I wanted a little more of her past situation to show up, the Breed that is hunting her should have made an appearance somewhere in this book. I will read the missing pages once they come out just to have closer but this book will never be one of my favorites in this series.
My Rating: 2

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  1. wow thats disappointing are they gonna re release the book with the pages thats missing? should we ask for our money back?