Sunday, May 1, 2011

RT Convention 2011- Los Angeles- Photos

Wendy & Laura Wright
 We had a fantastic time in LA at the RT Convention- here are just a few of our photos 

LT, Jody, Wendy & Laura Wright

Wendy, Shane and LT

L.A. Banks & LT

Jennifer Ashley & LT

Guest, Darynda Jones & Laura Wright

Richelle Mead & Wendy

Wendy & Cassandra Clare

Jacinta, Jody, Wendy & LT

Jennifer Ashley & Wendy

L.A. Banks & Wendy

Lynsay Sands & Wendy

Wendy & Lizzie T. Leaf

Kathryn Smith & Wendy

Cherry Adair & LT

LT & Shana Abe

LT & Ashlyn Chase

Kate Douglas & LT

Heather Graham & LT

Pamela Palmer & LT

Lynsay Sands & LT

LT & Keri Arthur

Jeremy & Wendy

LT at Bollywood Party

Wendy & LT

Wendy, LT & Jody

Basket LT won

Basket Wendy won

LT, Wendy & Jody

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