Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trinity (The Brethren Series)- Deena Remiel (book 1)

Wow..where do I start?.. This is a wonderful new series about angels.. I have never read a series that stared angels and it was very different from anything I've read before. You run into some names you will recall hearing when Angels are talked about.. that's where it ends. Emma is single mother of a 5 year old, Hannah, who for the past 6 months has been having nightmares about someone trying to take her away. Emma has tried everything to get her help, but fears if she tells anyone about the nightmares the doctors will want to hospitalize her baby. So she keeps them to herself. She needs someone to open up to and ask for help without fearing for the safety of Hannah. She has been friends with the principal of her school, Michael D'Angelo, for 6 years. Finally not being able to handle the stress of Hannah's failing mental health over her nightmares she tells Michael everything. He shocks her by letting her know he was sent to watch over her and Hannah 6 years ago and he is an angel, the Great Protector. After talking to his Brethren they conform that Emma and Hannah are no normal mortals but are from a magical family and if Emma's mother hadn't died when Emma was a child she would have know all the family secrets. The secrets being that Emma was the Great Savoir Mother, meaning she could heal mortals and immortals and Hannah would be the Great Warrior Child. When the battle of Good and Evil does happen, Hannah would lead her warriors to victory. But Evil has its own plans for Hannah, if the devil can get Hannah on her 6th birthday at 6:06 he would sacrifice her and take her powers so he could free Hell onto the world. But he also needs minions and to do that, so he took the body of a human and named himself Narmirha, he was opening cults around the world to ensure his victory once he took Hannah's powers. Will Michael be up to the challenge of saving this family when he wasn't able to save his family?
My Rating: 5


  1. LaTonia, thank you so very much for my 5 rating! I'm so glad you enjoyed my angels. lol I look forward to bringing you much more! :D



  4. Lots of 5 star reviews. Sounds like a good read. I love chocolate covered angels

  5. I about had a heart attack. Is the music that started from this site?