Sunday, May 8, 2011

Urban Shaman- C. E. Murphy (book 1)

“Seattle police mechanic Joanne Walker has no use for the mystical, but it has a use for her. When a near-death experience awakens shamanic magic within her, she finds herself up against old Celtic gods and a murderer whose magic is greater than her own.”
As the book opens Joanne Walker is returning to Seattle after an extended stay in Ireland, which ended with her somewhat estranged Mother’s funeral. While landing in Seattle, from the plane she sees a woman being attacked at a church. Everyone doubts her, she doubts herself, but for some unknown reason she is compelled to help this woman. After exiting the plane she hires a cab, driven by Gary, and sets out to find and help the woman and finds trouble.
Now the story of Joanne “Jo” Walker, mechanic-cop working for the Seattle Police Department truly begins. Urban Shaman is fun and lively as she battles to save Seattle from Cernunnuous, a Celtic god and his Wild Hunt which has gone terribly wrong. Joanne must learn her powers quickly, accept who she is Siobaun Walkingstick, and adapt to being a Shaman and the new fun powers that come with it because lives are depending on it, especially hers.
The cast of characters from this book are a lot of fun from Jo herself, who is half Irish mystic and half Native American mystic and totally in denial. To the taxi driver who becomes the sturdy side-kick, Gary Muldoon, who is a vibrant 73 year old widower (who had me smiling many times) to police co-worker Billy Holliday, who can talk to the recently deceased to the Coyote who talks to her.
Urban Shaman is a quick read and a good one. You’ll like this series if you enjoy Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher and other novels of this type.
My rating: 4  (Thanks Laura)

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