Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blood Destiny- Tessa Dawn (book 1)

Descended from the progeny of Celestial Gods and humans, punished for their father’s deeds, twin princes Jaegar, the Dark One who followed in his father’s footsteps and Jadon, the Light One tried to save them. Their father was so blood thirsty for power he started sacrificing all the woman of their land. The Celestial Gods were planning to put the Blood curse of both brothers, but Jadon asked them to look into his heart to see he wasn't like his father or his twin. The Gods still put the curse on them both, but because Jadon was Light he had the chance to be free of the curse and live and love, but Jaegar was Dark and he didn’t get a chance at love. He would never have a Destiny mate like Jadon and the sons of the Light. When you are chosen to find your Destiny mate, you have 30 days to mate and bring life. All of their children will be born in sets of male twins and with the first set of the twins, one son will have to be sacrificed for all the women that were killed, except with the Light sons, one child will be good the other evil. With the Dark Ones they will both be evil. Jocelyn is an agent of Homeland Security looking for a serial murderer in a cave far away from her home in San Diego. She stumbles onto a sight that will haunt her for the rest of her life. She sees a Dark One sacrificing one of his children and the woman who had giving birth. Scared out of her mind she stays hidden in the cave for hours until she believes it safe to run. She knew that her gun would be useless against him, she didn’t know how she knew he was a vampire, she just knew. So she ran until she couldn’t run anymore afraid of what happened to that girl in the cave would happen to her. Unable to go any further she fell into heap and cried, believing she had lost her mind. Nathaniel heard a woman crying in the forest behind his resort cabin. Knowing it wasn't safe for her to be so near the Dark Ones he flew off to help her, landing nowhere within her sight so he didn’t frighten her, he stepped up and asked if she was ok. Jocelyn jumped to her feet and pointed her gun at him. But she knew it was going to be useless, so without a word she put the gun to her own head and pulled the trigger. Nathaniel couldn’t believe his eyes, moving with inhuman speed he was able to turn her hand away from her head. She told him she knew he was a vampire; he was shocked but promised her he wouldn’t hurt her and only wanted to help her to safety. She even made him promise, he did, but after they started walking and left the forest the moon turned blood red and the stars formed a pattern that match his and burned in to her arm. She was his Destiny mate and the only person that could save his life.
I liked this series it was new and different, it put a new spin on vampires and how they came about. Hearing about babies dying was a little hard for me. But the author smoothes it over for you while it is happening.
My rating: 4.5


  1. After speaking with the author.. she has convince me that baby was evil with no soul.. so i feel like i handle what needs to be done with the evil one.. plus the evil baby was mind controlling the mom!