Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dragon Bound- Thea Harrison (book 1)

OMG I love new series.. this one has shot to the top. This a different world where we humans are aware of wyrkind, which of course are the supernatural beings. Pia has been taught by her mother to stay hidden, stay under the radar. She has a secret about her other half, it‘s fine to know she a half breed, but she was told by her mother to never reveal what she is or her true name. Your true name has power and if you give to someone that being can control you. After her mother died, Pia was lonely she fell for, well thought she fell for a human, thinking she could trust him she showed him her ability to get out of any locked areas. No matter the lock she could just touch it and open it. She soon learns that he wasn’t a good guy and broke it off with him months ago. Until a week ago he blackmailed her into stealing something from the most powerful being in New York. He wanted her to steal from a dragon horde. But even though Dragos was a dragon he was a powerful businessman he had learned to shape shift thousands of years ago and learned people were not food. So after he learned something was stolen from him, something that has never happened before he vowed to get revenge. Until he saw the note left by the thief. "I'm sorry I took your penny but I have replaced it with another" he almost laughed out loud, little did the thief know it didn’t matter that they had replaced. He still wanted revenge plus his penny was a 1962 and they replaced it with a 1975. But Dragos finds himself unable to stop smelling the scent of the note, so he tracked her down using the note and put a tracking spell on her. Once he found her he swooped down catching her on a beach. Pia thought she was going to die, but Dragos just keeps her pinned down as he sniffs her hair. Not knowing what to do, she convinces him that she knew he had a right to punish her and she would return with him until he got tired of her and released her. From first sight Dragos claims her as his, but he doesn’t know why, he just knew she was his and needed her to trust him and for her to tell him all her secrets. But she couldn’t ever let that happen again, but until she trusted him fully he couldn’t protect her from the evil that was after her. The evil that sent her ex-boyfriend after her, he was the Dark Fae that wanted Dragos dead and he knew Pia was the only person to get him to that goal. 
I so loved this book and can’t wait for the others to come out, I'm so glad this author is giving me 2 more before the year is out.
My rating is 5

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  1. I really did love Dragos.. i loved how hard he was.. in more ways then one.. i like how Pia was taming him.. but he was still hard at the same time.. pinning hands above my head.. heck ya