Friday, June 24, 2011

Storm Kissed- Jessica Andersen (book 6)

We find ourselves a little over a year closer to the Final Prophecy, the end of the world December 21, 2012; the Night Keepers are still fighting the battle to save the earth from evil. Snake Mendez known as Dez hasn’t been a part of the group the whole time and has only just joined them after being freed from an evil spell put on him by his Winikin. It turned him from a good guy to a Crime boss. When Dez was little, his King made the mistake of trying to get around or fix the end of time date, which caused most of all the adults to die that night. The Winikins were able to save some of the kids and when they grew up they would be called to be Night Keepers and save the world. The job of the Winkins was to teach them the ways and raise them right. But sadly Dez’s Winikin had been driven mad when Dez’s sister died. So he raised Dez wrong, he grew up to fear and not believe any of the stories told to him. So when his Winikin was put in a crazy-house. Dez was on his own on the streets where he had these strong feelings to go save someone but he would never do it. But one time he did save a very young Resse Montana, who was also a street rat but was being stalked by the current crime boss. He saved her and took care of her for 5 years never asking her for anything. But one day when she was 19 she wanted more from Dez, he wanted to her but he wanted to give her a good life first. So he was making plans to do that until his Winikin escaped and gave him a statue. That statue was supposed to make him kill his King and become the new King. But at that time there wasn't a king. So it made him sorta evil and he killed the crime boss that was stalking Resse thinking he was doing the right thing, until she saw how he did it. He thought he could still have her but after she saw the change in him she left town. Ten years later Resse is a bounty hunter and and she brings Dez in to save him from the streets. The time in the jail and being away from the statue allowed the Night Keeper Gods to get inside and start to fix the damage that was done. A year later after Dez has been working hard to prove himself with the Night Keepers his Winikin shows up again and tells him he has to be King, which didn’t go well with the other Night Keepers and King Strike. So he went out to find the truth. The Night Keepers hired Resse this time to find him. Once she does she doesn't believe he's a new man like the Night Keepers told her but she still has feelings for him.

Rating 4

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