Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dangerous Pleasure- Lora Leigh

Dangerous Pleasure is the latest installment of the Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh. The entire series centers around a Men's Club where all the members want/need/prefer a third (a male of their choice) for their female partner. And when they find the woman they want to spend their lives with, no matter how possessive they may be of that female, they still have the need to share her with a third at some point in the relationship, supposedly just to watch and enjoy the female's pleasure. This series is sexually explicit as is most if not all of Lora Leigh's writing.

I have read this entire series and I did enjoy most of them. I will say though, that this book gave me a lot of problems, right from the very beginning. Ms. Leigh's sex scenes have all started sounding alike, and while I do like sexy times in books, her explicit descriptions do not even come close to holding my attention, and at times are very off putting to me because of their vulgarity. And I especially found this book's story line to be lacking in character development or in building any real relationship between the main characters, Paige and Abram. I don't even think the HEA's had a decent conversation in the entire book, let alone did they show any signs of romance. Every time Abram and Paige had a sexual encounter, Abram got angry and it ended with him being mean and regretting it. I found the entire premise of the book boring and the conversations almost comical. There was little in the book that drew me to either Abram or Paige. I like to be able to at least identify with the characters a little, but I just couldn't with either of these two protagonists.

The story starts with Paige watching while Abram and another man have a sexual encounter with an unknown woman. It even describes the look on Abrams face as he orgasms. At some point after that wonderful beginning Paige ends up getting kidnapped and instantly taken to Saudi Arabia, where she is held as a prisoner by Abrams father (Azir), an insane man that had also kidnapped her mother years ago and got her pregnant with her half brother. Yes, it sounds almost but not quite incestuous. There is a lot of political drama and it does visit past book characters, including a pregnancy, which is always fun. This book is definitely NOT a stand alone and must be read in order for it to make any sense whatsoever. I even suggest a quick reread of the previous book in the series (Khalid and Marty's story/Guilty Pleasure). It has been a long time between books and maybe this book would have been easier for me if the previous book was fresh in my mind. Ummm, maybe not.
My rating: 2

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  1. I'd love a copy of this on E-book, can you please respond and let me know how I can get one? Thank you..(Dangerous Pleasure- Lora Leigh)