Sunday, July 17, 2011

Deeper Than Midnight- Lara Adrain (book 9)

Hunter was once Drago's deadest assassin now he is a part of the Order and has sworn to take down Drago and all who follow him. Emotions are something Hunter never had to worry about until he met Corinne Bishop, a Breedmate that's been held prisoner by Drago for over 70 years, she was used to breed Drago's assassins. For years being beat and raped repeatedly, but as soon as she took her first breath of freedom after being saved by the Order and Brock, who was her childhood bodyguard, she made a promise to find the son she gave birth to 13 years before. Hunter is put in charge of taking Corinne back to her home where she finds out her adoptive father knew that Drago had kidnapped her and never did anything about it. Feeling she had no where to turn for help to find her son she was drawn to Hunter after seeing he was able to get free of Drago's grip. She figured he would be the best person to help save her son, so she asked him to take the most important gift she could give him, she asked him to drink her blood, knowing it would bond him to her forever. After finding out what was Hunter’s special gift, he could read memories from their blood, she was hoping he could remember something from the day she had her baby. He did it, never feeling anything but logic these new emotions were enough for him to give up everything for her.

Will they find her son? Will Hunter ever understand these feelings? And will they find each other in time?
My Rating: 4.5
P.S Get ready for Chase's book it will be a doozie .. He's on the verge of Bloodlust


  1. I enjoyed the book, I loved how Hunter finally started feeling emotions and his first experiences with sex and love. Now she was not my favorite Breedmate but she was ok. I thought it had way to much about Harvard being that his book is next and yes I know she had to set up his story but I wanted more Hunter. Aww and the baby, how freaking sweet was the scene where Dante held his son for the first time??

  2. I toally agree Wen.. I was so looking forward more to Hunter book then Chase.. it was a bit too much about chase in Hunter book.. and alot of new stuff about chase they hadnt talked about before.. almost making a new story line for him.. instead of what we have been seeing him thur out the other books.. But oh i love loved reading about Hunters first everything