Friday, July 22, 2011

Blood Awakening - Tessa Dawn (book 2)

Marquis Silivasi, the oldest of the Silivasi brothers and the only one to have lost his twin to the Blood curse. Cursed by the God’s twin two brothers, Jadon the light and Jaegar the dark were punished by their father’s deeds. While Jaegar embraced the evil, Jadon fought it. After sacrificing all the women in their land, only two remained, their own sisters. But Jaegar planned to kill them so Jadon whisked them away to hide them, having them put to sleep for centuries in hopes to save them. Marquis has blamed himself for his youngest brothers death, even after killing the dark one who caused his brother to die, he couldn’t forgive himself. Emotions getting the best of him he screamed all his pain to the sky. But with his power it shook the ground and awakened one of the sleeping Princesses.
Ciopori was one of the celestial beings that cursed them, but once they laid eyes on each other they knew that they knew each other and loved each other. While sleeping Ciopori dreamed of Marquis and he dreamed of her wondering why the Gods would allow him to go for thousands of years without his destiny to save his life and love him. Now knowing she was asleep in the ground all this, he planned a life with her. But as Marquis was helping save a waitress that was beaten yet again by her boyfriend at his casino, he sees the stars form in the sky to let him know he has found his destiny, the only woman who can give birth to his twin sons. Where the evil one will die in the place of Marquis to atone for what his fore fathers did. But the woman that has his matching star pattern on her arm isn't' his true love Ciopori but the mixed up young waitress, who would rather die than be his mate. Will true love be stronger than what the Gods have planned for them?
My Rating 4.5 

p.s. I have shockingly gotten use to the killing of babies in this book because they are truly soulless monsters that try to kill their parents at birth. And there’s a shocking M/M rape scene that stopped me cold from reading for a whole day. But it was a good read


  1. these brothers and getting hotter and hotter

  2. Awesome book! The nursery scene gave me a small pause but the M/M rape didn't

  3. well when i read the first book.. i went to the author on facebook and told her i had an issue with the killing the babies.. but she assured me they were evil to the bone.. but i also had a pause when they killed 50 babies.. but i kept telling myself.. THEY EVIL THEY EVIL.. THEY NOT REAL BABIES

  4. Very true! Once you distance yourself it's easier to except.