Friday, August 5, 2011

Ryhanna Byrd - Last Wolf Hunting - Book 2

The second book of the Bloodrunner Series finds Jeremy Burns going back to the one place he hates most, Shadow Peak, Maryland. Ten years ago he swore never to return to the Silvercrest werewolf community, and the only woman he ever cared about. But with the trouble of rogues on the rise and the evidence pointing to a prominent leader from the town, the Bloodrunner’s ( half human, half werewolf ) need him on the inside to find the cause of the human killings. Forcing his need aside for the beautiful Spirit Walker of the pack, Jillian Murphy, Jeremy is determine to do only his job and get out as soon as he can. A second chance to come together as lifemates is something neither Jeremy or Jillian want to think about. Pealing away the secrets and pain held in their hearts is a risk too great to take. “Trust” is the key word that neither hold for one another. Yet as they work together to find the truth from the clues of the crimes they also uncover the strong attraction and love they have been denying for a decade.
My Rating - 2

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