Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rhyanna Byrd - Last Wolf Watching - Book 3

There was nothing simple about what Brody Carter had to do With any other woman, yes. But not with Michaela Doucet. He barely knew the provocative Cajun, but already her beautiful face haunted his dreams. True, women like Michaela never took interest in guys like
him—ones who were scarred and bitter enough not to care what the world thought about them. But that had no bearing now that he must protect Michaela from the Lycans who wanted her dead. Even if this decision would change his entire life. Even if it was pure madness.
Brody had no other choice. He never had. .

Out of the three books in the Bloodrunner series, this is my personal favorite. The world of the Lycans (werewolves) isn’t easy and as the community becomes divided it falls apart leaving a trail of murders and betrayal that spill out into the human population threatening to expose their secret civilization. The Bloodrunners, on the edge of both human and werewolf worlds, risk their life to bring peace to this turmoil for the future of both worlds to live together, yet separately. The two main characters, Brody and Michaela, are thrown together in the middle of the growing problem only to discover a bigger problem, they are mates. The feelings and development of these two were incredibly real and full of depth. While the love story that unfolds is believable and touching you also understand their fears to trust and let go of the past. Lots of action and unexpected events keep you glued to the pages. With a “Beauty and The Beast” touch to the tale, a reminder that what is on the outside doesn’t count, pulls at your heartstrings. By the end , the sacrifices made and the pain of emotion brought tears to my eyes.
My Rating - 3

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