Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sydney Croft - Taken by Fire (book 6)

A product of genetic manipulation, Melanie Milan shares a body with her malevolent sister Phoebe. A sleek, blonde predator with a heart of pure darkness, Phoebe puts their body through the wicked underbelly of sex for thrills—when she’s not igniting her pyrokinetic skills for an evil organization bent on taking over the world. Melanie rarely gets out to play—much less fall in love. But that changes when rival ARCO agent Stryker Wills shows up, with a mission to take out the woman who torched his partner.
An operative with rare abilities, Stryker soon realizes that the woman he’s about to kill isn’t the murderous fire starter he’s hunting. But he does want her. Melanie, with the power to ice anything in her path, is heating things up in ways that are setting his blood on fire. As long as Melanie stays in control, she is his best ally to bring down her sister and stop hellish havoc from being unleashed. Walking a tightrope of longing and hate, Stryker and Melanie begin to understand that true power lies in sweet surrender to each other, to the fire between them, to the erotic adventure that’s joined their hearts and abilities to become their salvation—and perhaps the world’s.

My Thoughts: Book 6...Last book in the series, I'm very sad to see this series come to an end. I loved every thing about the series, the storyline, the characters and the sex! This book like the previous 5, have main characters for the story but also a few other side stories going on at once and I liked that. I never got confused on who loved who, who were the good guys and who were the bad guys, the story flowed nicely. The continuation of the characters was fantastic because with this type of storyline you just can not end it with one book.  The love you felt when you read the books to me was genuine love (the kind you can read about and feel while reading), didn't matter if it was between a man and woman or two men, you just felt it. There was heartache, death and suffering but love truly won out above and beyond all of those.
We met Phoebe and Stryker in the last book when Phoebe killed his best friend. Phoebe who is actually also Melanie, share a body, unlike multiple personalities they are two different people due to an experiment in the Itor labs. Phoebe has the ability to ignite and control fire and Melanie can produce and control ice along with the freezing weather. Phoebe controls their body more that Melanie, so Mel stays indoors when she is in control. Stryker finds them and kidnaps them but so many things happen along the way while trying to get to the safe house. By the time they get back to the US, Stryker believes Mel about them being two separate people. Once at ARCO not many people trust her and most are upset with Stryker for not killing her. Dev has ordered him not to harm them. Mel has never been with a man before but Phoebe has so really their body is not a virgin but to Mel she still is. Their love grows quickly and it is complicated with three people in the relationship. Phoebe makes a few appearances that are not forgettable.
During this whole time, Dev is working hard to keep a wall between him and Gabe but with a little help from a special someone he sees what he had in his life and what he has now. He focuses more on the here and now and gets everything he ever wanted.
The battle between ARCO and Itor is a big one with happiness and sorrow in the end. Like I said before I hate to see the series end but I am very happy with how it all wrapped up.
My Rating: 4.5

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  1. I loved this series and I'm sad that it has ended, but what an ending it was! LOVED this last book! Even had to pull out the tissues a couple times :-) Good news is though, the authors are planning on doing some short stories in the future with the ACRO characters, so really looking forward to that!