Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dangerous Kisses- Trish Milburn

What does crime beat reporter Sydney Blackburn and lead detective of the Murder Squad Jake Radley have in common? Besides the need to catch the killer that has been targeting the young women of Nashville? Dangerous Kisses and physical attraction of course! But as Sydney and Jake spend time together their attraction grows into more than either expected, but is it enough? Can Sydney open her heart, can Jake? Can they let their losses of the past go and look to a future together? Or will they forever be separated by the killer who has put Sydney next on the list?
Sydney is a committed reporter working crime scenes. She’s not out there to make a name for herself, but she feels it is her duty to give the public as much information as possible in order to protect themselves. So when she meets Detective Jake Radley she doesn’t mind hounding him a little to get the answers she needs. But Jake is tight lipped and refuses to share case information since he was burned in the past by sharing too much information. Jack and Sydney can’t deny the attraction as we watch the sparks fly as we follow along while they make the decision as to whether or not take the next steps. And since Sydney is the killers next target Jake can’t help but protect her.
Now I totally enjoyed reading a story play out in Nashville. Having read a few other books by Trish Milburn, this by far was the best. Ms. Milburn writes an excellent romantic suspense. It was a good paced story as she builds a solid foundation about Jake and Sydney along with their work and family. Jack and Sydney have a lot of sexual tension from the get go, which keeps you turning the page just wondering are they or aren’t they. Now the suspense was good and I never guessed who the creepy killer was, though I tried really hard. Sydney though strong and self assured, shows enough vulnerability which makes her so much more real and likeable. Jack, dark and moody, need I say more? Well ok, smart and sexy too, but Jack has many sides that we get to see and I so enjoyed meeting his mother!
Now the question is will we get to see more books, because I’d definitely like to read more on Becky or Kevin O’Malley and the Murder Squad.
Title: Dangerous Kisses
Author: Trish Milburn
Review Rating: 3.5
Reviewed by: Laura

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