Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jacob- Jacquelyn Frank (book 1)

Ever started a book and as much as you loved the story line you just could not get into the book?? Well that is what happened to me with this book, at first lol. I got to about Chapter 4 and then it turned around so much I could hardly put it down. The book is a little, um wordier (is that even a word??) than I am use to. I’m not saying I read plain, simple books but I did have to use the Dictionary feature on my Kindle more than 10 times while reading it.
Jacob is a Demon; he is the Enforcer Demon for all the Demon races. Twice a year with certain full moon phases the demons become wilder and more aggressive towards humans. It is Jacob’s job to stop them and to deal out the punishment for their crimes or even their almost crimes, if that makes sense. He is over 600 years old and is extremely strong in his beliefs about right and wrong for his race. All the demons look like humans on the outside and all are very good looking. Over the years there have been many wars with other species, from vampires to Druids. An old nemesis is now summoning Demons by their given names and using magic to strip the outside human appearance to show the true Demons that live within them. When this happens it is Jacob’s job and duty to kill the demons even if they were friends or family. While out searching for the necromancers that are summoning the Demons he meets Isabella, a human woman and the first woman to spark his interest in over 400 years.
Isabella feels the call to the moon and it is something she cannot understand. She knows she is just a simple woman who works at the library but when she meets the handsome stranger so many new feelings awake within her. With abilities she never knew she had, she helps Jacob locate the evil pulling the Demons to use for his own depraved purposes.
Isabella is pulled into a world she never knew existed and once there she never wants to leave with or without Jacob. The romance side of this book is a mixed in with the kick ass part of necromancer hunting so it was never too fluffy or never to kick ass, a great mix of both. Once Jacob and Isabella learn all that is in their future their world changes, sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worst, but with their love for each other and the help from friends their lives only get better and more interesting.
My Rating: 4       Wendy

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