Sunday, August 28, 2011

Whirlwind- Robin DeJarnett

Whirlwind is just that – a whirlwind of romance, mystery and fun. We get caught up in the events that take place as Melissa Williams is being stalked by a murderer, having fantasies of a happily ever after and learning to deal with the past.

As Melissa is wrapping up the end of college with her best friend Mitch’s wedding, where she discovers that love at first sight may not be a total myth. Sadden by the realization that Mitch will no longer be around and feeling sorry for herself she looks into Jason McAlister’s eyes for the first time and she sees a future there. But she chalks it up to fantasy and wishful thinking as she knows Jason will be heading back across country at the end of the week. And some how she gets herself put in the cross hairs of a killer who now isn't only after her but Jason as well.

I loved the duality of Melissa as her “naughty” side was awakened by Jason McAlister, the best man and brother of the groom. I was actually giggling when Jason was asking for “naughty Melissa” to come out or not to come out to play. Jason is sweet, charming and handsome, thank goodness some flaws were found as all too perfect doesn’t cut it. The couple is fun and flirty and the book is not overly sexed, but steamy and romantic. I found the interactions between all the characters were fresh and believable. I only had one eye-roll moment and honestly I would have rolled my eyes not matter which book those particular words were written in.
Robin DeJarnett weaves a story that puts you right in the center of the action with her fast paced story and witty writing, you can’t help but turn the page to read what happens next.
Title: Whirlwind
Author: Robin DeJarnett
Review Rating: 4 - Reviewed by Laura

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