Friday, November 18, 2011

A BIG welcome to Eileen Wilks and her wonderful werewolf friends from The World of Lupi series. We are coming to the end of Blogiversary so for our last contest we will be giving away to one lucky follower a Werewolf themed book thong and a Starbucks gift card. For your chance to win please become a follower of this blog and leave us a comment on what you find sexiest on a man (and ladies it can be anything you want) (US residents only please)


If you’ve been following Lily and Rule in my lupi series, you probably have some idea of what the new book is about. If not—well, DEATH MAGIC covers the same ground most books do. Life and death . . . love and magic . . . coffee and werewolves.
Okay, maybe the last pair isn’t standard fare for every book, but they show up in mine pretty consistently. DEATH MAGIC is the eighth book in the series, and both werewolves and coffee are present in every one. As are life and death, love and magic.
Those of you who are new to the series will want to know if you can read this one without having read the others. Yes, you can. I work hard to make it possible for a new reader to enter my world with any of the books, and each book has its own, stand-alone plot, as well as elements that stretch through multiple books. But speaking as a reader, not a writer, I think it’s more fun to read a series in order. The series I love most have characters who grow and change over the course of several books, so that’s the kind I write. The Lily Yu you meet in Tempting Danger isn’t exactly the same Lily who’s dealing with ghosts and shadows in DEATH MAGIC. The world she lives in isn’t the same, either.
I have long been fascinated by the idea of magic returning to the world—and with it, otherworldly beings with agendas far different from ours. In Lily Yu’s world, magic never died out completely, but it had thinned so much that, before The Turning, some people didn’t think it existed at all.
Lily has always known better. For one thing, she’s a touch sensitive, able to feel magic tactically, but unable to work it or be affected by it. For another, her grandmother can turn into a tiger. (And no, I’m sorry, but you won’t get to meet Grandmother in this one—you’ll have to check out the earlier books for that. But you do get to meet some brownies.) When DEATH MAGIC opens, Lily’s world has changed drastically since she first met Rule Turner. She’s engaged, for one thing, and the man she loves doesn’t consider himself human. She works for the FBI now, not as a homicide cop. And the world is at war . . . though most people don’t realize it.
If you were literately inclined, you might say that my books are about dualities—male and female, magic and mundanity, instinct and reason, good and evil . . . the two natures that live in all of us. You might add that my characters are always having to reinvent the balance between those dualities, because what worked last year or last week isn’t working now that the world has gone and changed on them again.
Probably, though, you won’t notice any of that. Probably that’s just me thinking too much, as Rule’s wolf would say. Probably what you’ll notice as you dive into DEATH MAGIC is that it’s like one of those cartoon snowballs that start small but pick up mass and speed as they toll faster and faster down that steep hill until they’re flattening trees and houses as they careen towards the end. 
At least I hope so. Because however much I may like to think about things like theme and dualities and all that, what I love as a reader are stories that lift me out of my everyday world, stories with characters I care about deeply, stories that keep me turning the pages, surprising me over and over as they send me careening towards some unseen end.
And if they have coffee and werewolves, that’s even better. (Oh Eileen I totally agree with you!!..Wendy)
1/11 BLOOD CHALLENGE (Berkley)
11/11 DEATH MAGIC (Berkley)
11/11 TIED WITH A BOW (anthology--Berkley)

THANK YOU Eileen for stopping by to help us celebrate our Two Year "Blogiversary"- Come back any time and feel free to bring your Yummy werewolves with you, we will supply the coffee!


  1. Hummm... What I like best about my werewolves is...... a little grass on my playground! Yummy


  2. Dang I have to agree with April- I don't like a big hairy Chewbacca but there is something nice about a little hair on the chest and a happy trail leading to "Mr. Happy"
    AND eyes- he has to have great eyes, ohh and teeth- he has to have all of his teeth- lol

  3. AS THE TRUE WEREWOLF LOVER OF THE 3 CRAZY CHICKS.. me in the middle ... I love my men with hair.. just depends on the coarseness of he can be totally covered with that soft hair that lays down. no so much the tight hard curls.. tongue must still be able to slide not get hung up in it

  4. Oh Yeah,,, I hear ya. He must have Big Hands tooooo. And he needs to know how to use them!

  5. This is one of my favorite series, and I just got through reading Death Magic. If you haven't started this series yet, go with book one to learn just how Rule and Lily's story evolves.

    It's the eyes that will snag my attention first, then a pair of sexy, lean muscled arms.

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    cathy m
    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  6. I like a man with nice abs and I like the eyes too. I have not read this series yet but it looks very interesting. My email is

  7. I am drawn to the eyes, lips, and waist.

    Thanks for the author interview and book synopsis. I have only read this author in an anthology and I honestly can't remember what I thought. I'll have to check her books out.

    Thanks for the posting and for the giveaway opportunity.

  8. Big Hands????? Isn't there a saying,.. something about "Big hands, big ----"??

  9. Too funny Shonna! lol Wow Eileen I can't wait to read this series. And yeah I definately like the "happy trail" and clean play ground just doesn't suit me at all.