Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Body Guard- Jennifer Ashley (book 2.5)

Elizabeth Chapman is robbed at gunpoint in her store late one night, and fears she'll die. But that's before a giant bear knocks the intruder across the room and opens a new chapter of Elizabeth's life. Ronan, a Bear Shifter of the Austin Shiftertown, knows he needs to protect Elizabeth from retaliation from the robber's dangerous family. Ronan has a "family" of his own--orphaned cubs and clanless Bears that all seemed to find themselves under Ronan's care. He needs to protect the fiery Elizabeth and keep his family safe, but he finds his mate hunger for Elizabeth growing. How to mate claim her, a human, and a not very tall one at that, and protect her, but show her how gentle a bear can be?

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book- well honestly I love the whole series so far. We met Ronan in a previous book and I am so excited he now has his own story even if it was a short one. Ronan is a bear shifter who for years lived on his own but once the shifters became public he moved to Shiftertown. Bear shifters are rare and since there are so few of them when they do move to shifter towns they usually live together. Ronan has taken in all the bear shifters that no one else wanted to care for, each has become like family to him. While off from work he gets caught up in a robbery of one of the few stores that allow shifters. Ronan knows from early on that Elizabeth is the woman for him, human or not he wants her for his mate. With drug dealers, shifter fighting and big power plays this was a very exciting novella.
My Rating: 4.5 (I would have given it a 5 if it would've been longer)


  1. OMG i may take a minute to read about OUR bear shifter... we should get that other novella also...

  2. The idea that people know about the shifters makes for an interesting read. And its nice to see a shifter who is an animal other than wolf or cat.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. I totally agree.. I cant wait to read it after i'm with the book i'm about to start.. thinking of reading that one first i'd love to see a big ole bear be gentle and it seems she a little bitty thing also

  4. Oh Ronan is such a big cuddly bear and he is huge, she is only 5'2"