Monday, January 23, 2012

Blood Challenge- Eileen Wilks (book 7)

Lily Yu and Rule Turner’s engagement announcement is stirring up ugly passions in the Humans First camp. There’s hate mail. Death threats. Lily’s car is vandalized. But professionally, things are going smoothly . . . until a lupus in Tennessee goes on a killing spree.
Then Rule's brother, Benedict, catches a lovely intruder--twice. The first time she's sneaking around the home of the leader of Humans First. The second time, she sneaks into Nokolai Clanhome with a mysterious potion.
It may not be possible to deal with the rapidly escalating situation the way Lily always has: through the law. Especially when she’s pulled off the case due to an alleged conflict of interest. Lily’s loyalties will be stretched to the breaking point when she discovers that the deaths in Tennessee were only the opening skirmish in an all-out war.
Loved this book!! It made me cry and believe me I don't do that often. Lily and Rule are now out and open about their upcoming wedding and not everyone is happy about it. Friar, who we met in an early book, is a human that is working with the Great Bitch to take over earth. He has a contract with an Elf Lord and uses a slave to make potions that can hurt or kill lupi. Arjenie is a part human, part sidhe woman who works for the FBI in the research department but is also sisters with the slave that is being held prisoner. She has magic that makes her invisible to the human and lupi except for Benedict. When he first sees her the mate bond kicks in and he is not happy about it, he had a mate years before but she died. She also denied him and he barely lived through her death so he and everyone else is shocked that the Lady has given him another Chosen. It is unheard of for a lupi to have two, even with their long lives. When he comes around and realizes what he has again nothing will hold him back from her. A meeting is called with some of the other heirs but it goes horribly wrong when a few betray Rule and poison Benedict.
I loved this story and hope to have Benedict and Arjenie show up more in the next books.
My Rating: 4.5-5         Wendy

Besides werewolves, Fae, gnomes and other magical beings there are dragons in this series. Here is what I think Mica would look like. (now these are real dragons, not men that can turn into dragons) 


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  2. I must be living under a rock to have missed this series. It sounds great; I need to check it out.

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