Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blood Magic- Eileen Wilks (book 6)

Lily Yu’s world changed when she met Rule Turner, known to the human world as “that werewolf prince.” It’s been eight months since everyone else’s world changed, too—when the Turning hit. That shifting of the realms has magic seeping back into the world in quantities unseen since the hot news story concerned a pair of human babes raised by wolves who went on to found a new city: Rome. 
Lily is a homicide cop turned FBI agent. She works for a special Unit within the MCD—that’s the Bureau’s Magical Crimes Division. Lily became a cop to stop the monsters , though it was human monsters she had in mind at the time. These days, the perps she tracks may be a lot more—or a lot less--than human.

In BLOOD MAGIC, Lily and Rule are faced with their most dangerous opponent yet, one the law can’t touch. One who can’t be killed. One whose like hasn’t been seen in our world since long before those wolves fostered Romulus and Remus.
We are back in San Diego in this book with Rule and Lily plus the other misfits. Toby is now living with Rule and Lily and spending a lot of time at Clanhome with his Grandpa & Uncle Benedict. This was a very exciting story with a lot of action, Grandmother is keeping everyone on their toes and wings- lol, Sam the dragon is still in love with her and doesn't really hide the fact. Lily learns of her true heritage and is completely shocked by what she learns. Grandmother & Sam tell her things that truly open her eyes. The evil in this book is a Chimei, she and Grandmother knew each other hundreds of years ago in China. She is not a "demon" and does not have a solid body, she has a human lover named Johnny who is a sorccer with powers that are very strong. People are stabbed, kidnapped and killed in this book, keeps ya on your toes! Rule seems to be throwing out all of the rules set by the Lupi- lol- marriage?? (Lupi do NOT marry) and jealousy?? really was funny to read about he became jealous over a mere human. haha.
My Rating: 4.5   Wendy


  1. I love your review style. I can't wait to read this series.

  2. Thank you Sophia Rose- it is a really good series