Friday, January 6, 2012

Lucky Harbor series- Jill Shalvis

LUCKY HARBOR is a series by Jill Shalvis.  It is not paranormal.  There are three books out so far and are about three half sisters who do not really know each other and definitely don't like each other much, but inherit a Bread and Breakfast Inn from their mother in the Washington State town of Lucky Harbor.  They have the option of either staying and running the Inn together or selling it and going their separate ways.  They each are at a crossroads in their life, so decisions need to be made, including how they would pay for renovations to a run down, potential money pit of an Inn.  Each sister has her own book, although they all appear in each book.  The first book is about Maddie and Jax and deals with how the girls meet, decide what to do with the Inn, and start forming a sisterly bond.  Jax and Maddie meet when Maddie is on her way into town for the very first time and runs him off the road while he is riding his motor cycle. 
The second book ia about Tara and Ford.  They have a history together, but haven't seen each other in 15 years when Tara spent a summer with her grandparents, with results that both Tara and Ford considered disastrous at the time.  They have a lot of issues to work through, and if that's not enough, Tara's ex husband comes into town set on winning her back for himself.  And of course the girls are still trying to deal with the Bread and Breakfast Inn.  The first two books are sold together under "Christmas in Lucky Harbor" and are priced two for the price of one. 
The third book was just released in the past few weeks.  It is about Chloe and Sawyer.  Chloe is the youngest sister and is known as the wild child.  She has life threatening asthma but doesn't let it rule her life.  Sawyer is the town Sheriff and seems to always be around when Chloe is getting into mischief.  Sparks start flying between these two in a good way but Sawyer is all about following the rules and Chloe is forever breaking them.  I'm not saying this series is intense or deep.  But it is a lot of fun.  It has lots of laugh out loud moments and a couple of scary times also.  And the chemistry between the couples is great.  There is plenty of hawt romance also as Jax, Ford and Sawyer are all to die for.  The real story, however, (well besides all the romance) is the bonding that eventually happens between the sisters that have no other family.  They barely know each other at the beginning of the series and had no trust for each other at all.  The books definitely should be read as a set to get the whole benefit of the story line.  The next book will be about other people in town but I'm sure we will still get to see how these three couples are doing.  All three stories wrap up with an HEA which of course is exactly how we want it to be.  If you are looking for a fun, fairly quick read, this series may be exactly for you.  4.5 stars for all three books.  Terena

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