Monday, January 9, 2012

Mortal Sins- Eileen Wilks (book 5)

FBI agent Lily Yu is in North Carolina with her lover and mate Rule Turner, lu nuncio of the Nokolai werewolf clan, where he is to take custody of his son from the boy’s grandmother. It’s a purely personal trip until Rule, in wolf form, finds three bodies in a shallow grave. They carry the stench of DEATH MAGIC, which makes the murders a federal crime. Lily takes charge of the investigation, and soon realizes that nothing adds up—not the motives, not even the accused killer, who’s behind bars when death strikes again.
But murder, however bizarre, is an everyday affair for Lily, who was a homicide cop before being recruited into the FBI’s Magical Crimes Division. A more personal shock arrives in the person of Rule’s son’s mother. Why is she challenging Rule’s long standing plan to bring his son to live among the Nokolai?
But family must take a back seat when the violence escalates, and there’s no rhyme or reason for the killer’s next strike—a killer who may not even be of this world...
So many good things happened in this book, Lily and Rule are in North Carolina and of course a case comes up that Lily needs to help with. They are there for another reason though, Toby, Rule's son might finally get to come live with his father & Lily. Toby has been raised by his Grandmother for the last 9 years even though his mother has full custody of him. Alicia, Toby's mom, shows up trying to fight for him, not that she wanted him for the last nine years but now she doesn't want Rule to have him either. There is a ghost, well he is not really called a ghost in the story, but that is what I will call him, is taking over peoples bodies and killing those around him. He dies during the Turning and was brought back with Death Magic. He has closer ties to Rule than anyone thought from the beginning.  Lily solves the case with help from those around her, human and lupi. I think out of the five books this one was my favorite so far.   The ending was fantastic- I didn't see it coming!!  
My Rating: 4.5

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  1. This does sound like a good one. I haven't read any of this series yet and it always sounds so good. Definitely on the wish list. (-;

    Thanks for the review!