Sunday, January 29, 2012

No Dogs Allowed- Nicole Hicks

Sometimes what happens in Vegas isn’t the only thing that stays….

I came to Vegas for an interview, and a much needed vacation. When mistaken for a blind date by a Napoleon complex cur, my vacation opened up to other possibilities.

What’s a cat, who’s allergic to dogs, find to do in a canine filled town? Can I manage to do more than have annoying, not to mention embarrassing, sneezing fits in front of all the men I meet? Is there a possibility to actually hook-up in my future? Can the mysterious proprietress of the 1Night Stand service, Madame Eve, help even me find someone? My name is Kenya, and I invite you to come find out in No Dogs Allowed!
(ARC review) I enjoyed this novella but LOL I probably should not have read it at work!  This is a hot little story of a cat shifter in Las Vegas for a job interview, who decides to try a "Shifter dating service" for fun and a one night stand while she is in town. The funny thing about this kittie is she's allergic to dogs and Las Vegas is full of dogs, in all shapes and sizes. Now this is the cute part of this book, these shifters are not big giant werewolves or tigers they are regular pet sized shifters- seriously how cute is it that a Hot-assed man can turn into a Chihuahua??? Not that Raph is a chihuahua- but you have to read it to find out if he is a dog or a cat!!
Kendra is second guessing herself about the blind date when she runs into a tall handsome man while she is getting off the elevator. Nervous about meeting a stranger she wishes her blind date is the man she runs down. Raphael, the blind date, is the man she ran into getting off the elevator so Kendra is a happy little kitten. They hit it off and end up in her hotel room where he shifts to show her his other half. Now this gets into why I should not be reading this kind of book at the office (my eyes would jump around to make sure no one came into my office while I was reading and focusing ONLY on what I was reading- lol), it is hot, hot, hot and these two like to play!! Loved Kendra's playfulness and Raphael's reaction to her wanting to play with things she's never played with before- lol
My Rating: 4.5   Wendy

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