Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chosen by Fate- Virna DePaul (book 2)

Although he keeps company with a vampire and a were, human Shaman Caleb O'Flare can definitely hold his own. But neither his psychic ability nor his healing powers can help his sexy-as-hell teammate, Wraith-a ghost with no memory of her human existence, who cannot experience touch without pain. No wraith has managed to exist past its tenth year, so her time is about to run out. She wants only two things before accepting her fate: to learn her human identity, and experience one night with Caleb.

Okay this is about Wraith and Caleb. I have been wanting to read this book because of the short novella on how Wraith was awakened. It starts off with Mahone recruiting Caleb for the team. Caleb is feeling bad for himself due to him blaming himself for killing his friend. Then it goes to present at Knox and Felicia's wedding. Wraith finally decides to give in and sleep with Caleb. Then she runs into Mahone who tells them about another mission involving the Felines. So Wraith sees a mark on Caleb's chest and knows it is a death mark. So she feels she is responsible for his death mark and she tells Mahone and Caleb she is leaving the team. Of course Caleb goes after her but Mahone promises to give him the name of the person involved in his friend's death. There are very interesting developments in this book. I am enjoying the ongoing story and I can not wait to find out what happens with it all. Will Wraith figure out who she is and will Caleb ever get over his obsession of hurting Wraith ever time he touches her to be together.
My rating is a 4 ...Sandy


  1. So glad you are enjoying the series! Thanks for reading and blogging about it! :)

  2. Yvw:) I am enjoying it and can't wait to see how it goes.

  3. I just got the first book. I'm glad to know the second one is good too.

    Thanks for sharing your review!

  4. Wait!!! I missed that Novella...what's the name of it???

  5. The novella that started this series was Wraith's awakening.