Monday, February 6, 2012

Flashfire- Deborah Cooke (book 8)

Master illusionist Lorenzo's dragon nature is his biggest secret. It's also another detail to juggle, like ensuring each of his Las Vegas magic shows is a true spectacle. That is until he feels the burn of his firestorm and his whole world shifts.

Cassie Redmond is tired of photographing celebrities. She wants to pursue her dream of serious photography—despite the lucrative offer for a shot of a dragon shifter. Las Vegas is the last place she wants to be, but Lorenzo arouses more than her curiosity when he shifts shape as the finale of his show. Instead of forcing him to reveal his secrets, Cassie gets swept away by this illusionist’s masterful touch.

Lorenzo wants to satisfy the firestorm and put it behind him. But photographer Cassie Redmond is hard to forget. And when Slayers target the mate he didn't believe he wanted, Lorenzo realizes he'll do anything to keep Cassie safe..

Lorenzo doesn't want to be a part of the Pry or the slayers, he hasn't even shapeshifted into a dragon for too many years to count now. All he wants to do is finish his last Illusion so he can start a new life. But all of that is put in jeopardy when his Firestorm hits.. A firestorm is when a Pry finds his descent mate and she and only she can give birth to his sons. Slayers are not allowed to have firestorms because they have chosen not to take care of the world and its treasures which are humans. That's the job of the Pry. Lorenzo has been making plans to cuts ties with all dragon Pry's and Slayers. Cassie is a paparazzi and she hates it, she loves taking pictures but the emotional turmoil is making her want or need to take a vacation. Which lands her in Las Vegas and in the arms and then bed of one of the most famous Illusionist in Vegas. She thinks she will have one of the most wonderful one night stands of her life and believed it to be to true when she woke up the next morning alone intending never to see Lorenzo again. Until a stranger tells her that Lorenzo knocked her up!

My Rating: 4--  LaTonia

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