Friday, March 2, 2012

Stopping by today is Southern writer of Historical Romance, Contemporary Paranormal Romance, and Young Adult books, Lori Brighton. Lori wasn’t always headed for a writing career with her many imaginary friend living around in her head. Jumping through a few different areas of the work force first, Lori has something she wants to tell us.

I have a problem… like many Americans I have a short attention span. What does this mean? Okay, I’m going to admit something you might find horrible… it means that sometimes, many times, I’d rather watch the movie or TV show than read the book. Don’t even get me started on Pride and Prejudice. No way I’d read the book over watching the movie. And I love T.V. love…love…love it! Some (my husband) might say I have a problem. I call it research for my books.
There’s no better way to get new ideas! In fact, it was one such episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (best show ever!!!) that spurred the idea for my Young Adult book, The Mind Readers, about a character who can, obviously, read minds. And after watching all those Ghost Hunter shows, how could I not write a book or two about Ghosts (The Ghost Hunter and The Demon Hunter).

So what are some of my favorite shows?


New Girl: How can you not love Zooey Deschanel? Okay, some people might find her annoying, but I think she’s adorable. What I love the most about this show though, is how the men interact with such a naïve girly girl like, Zooey’s character, Jess. Three guys and one girl, it can get pretty hilarious!

Modern Family: There’s a reason why this show keeps winning awards! It’s a modern take on today’s society. You’ll find a family to match just about any in the U.S. This show pokes fun of everything that’s wrong and right about today’s parenting styles.

Happy Endings: A quirky and ridiculous take on the show “Friends.” The characters are zany, their situations hilarious. This is a show about friends in various stages of dating and marriage. This silly show has quick and snappy punchlines and insane situations. To top it off, Damon Wayans Jr. is hilarious!

Cougar Town: Another quirky show. It can be crude, it can be crazy, and I love it. Maybe, having an only child, I can relate to how incredibly overly protective the main character is with her son. But this show isn’t all craziness. It’s also about friends and family and how complicated the relationships can be.


Revenge: Emily, the main character is out for…you got it… revenge! And she’s so darn good at it, that you want to see her win! There’s a very fine line between who is good and bad here and each character plays his/her part to the fullest. Mystery, romance and suspense all add up to good dramatic fun.

One Tree Hill: Yes, I still watch this show and no, I’m not a fourteen year old girl. Don’t judge me! This show pulled me in because of the “bad” guy falling for the “good” girl, one of my favorite romance novel plots. I haven’t stopped watching it since episode 1. Sadly, this is the last season.

Grey’s Anatomy: This is another show I’ve been watching since day one. What can I say? I like the life and death situations and the fact that characters who are supposedly so smart are so screwed up. And yeah, Kevin McKidd doesn’t hurt J If only he said his lines in his dreamy Scottish accent, the show would be perfect.

The Secret Circle: This is a whole lotta Young Adult fun! You have catty high school character’s all fighting for power...magical power, that is. There are secrets and mysteries to be solved and plenty of paranormal fun!   

The Mentalist: I pretty much watch this show for one reason only… Simon Baker. Not only is he dreamy, especially when he says “stayed tuned for scenes from next week…” in his sexy Australian accent, but Simon’s Character is pretty darn funny when solving crimes. Watching how he reacts to situations and the way he tricks people into admitting the truth, always leaves me laughing.

Hawaii 5-0: Uhhh, hot guys with guns. Need I say more?

Once Upon A Time: What can I say? I’m a romance writer and Once Upon A Time is based on romantic fairy tales and the search for happily ever after. It also doesn’t hurt to have characters I enjoy, including a kick ass heroine who can show her softer side, and a child actor who isn’t annoying. Although I have to admit every time the Evil Queen wins, it gets on my nerves. 

Hart of Dixie: I love the interaction between Zoe and Wade. Although I have to admit, Lemon drives me nuts. And being a Northerner living in the south, I can totally relate to Zoe’s issues with her new town.

And, of course, anything historical on PBS!

So there they are and wow, I just realized a lot of my T.V. viewing revolves around hot male actors. Sad. Anyway, those are just a few of my must see shows. J I seriously have more.

So, which shows do you love? I’m giving away a coupon for a free download of The Demon Hunter (book two in the Hunter Series (book 1 (The Ghost Hunter) is free!) and my historical paranormal romance, A Night of Secrets. Two winners will be chosen! Just leave a comment and your email address. (Please be a follower of this blog before entering)

The Demon Hunter (book 2)

Book 2 in the Hunter Series Available now! Read the blurb below
Ellie has always been different, from playing with fairies as a child to fighting demons as an adult. She grew up wondering why no one else seemed to notice the oddities of the world that she came into contact with on a daily basis. When she is the only witness of a demon attack and the police suspect her, Ellie skips the country heading to England where she plans to keep a low profile. Everything is going fine, until Devon appears, stumbling around her garden like a drunken fool, and completely naked no less.

Six months ago Devon sacrificed himself to bind the soul of a demon and save the world from certain destruction. Thanks to a spell gone awry, Devon is back. But Devon hasn’t come alone. The very demon he tried to destroy has returned and is wreaking havoc on earth. When Devon meets Ellie, he instantly recognizes another supernatural being. Ellie may just be the only person who is strong enough to destroy the demon, if the demon doesn’t destroy her first.

The Night Series
A Night of Secrets (Book 1)

Grayson Bellamont has spent years on the Continent, fighting a war he cares nothing for. It is only while in the chaos of battle that he can hide what he truly is, a vampire. Returning to England, he finds his sister murdered and his seven-year-old niece missing. All over the country vampires are mysteriously dying. Grayson sets out to uncover the truth and locate his niece before it’s too late. All leads point to Meg James, a vicar’s daughter. Instinct tells him Meg is innocent, but the clues he uncovers warn she’s guilty. One thing is clear, Meg awakens a warmth inside of him he thought long dead and Grayson is torn between a sense of duty and his desires.

Vowing to honor a promise, Meg concocts a lie to keep a stranger’s child safe. She had no idea that protecting the child would mean putting her own life in danger. When Grayson arrives asking questions, Meg’s unease flares. Who is this mysterious man who seems to appear and disappear as quickly as a spirit? A man with strength like no other? As he pushes ever closer, taking over her senses with his touch, his kiss and his unexpected honor, she realizes she has even more to lose. Meg is falling in love with Grayson, but will he believe her when the truth will condemn the one person he trusts the most?


  1. True Blood and Downton Abbey--how different can one person's tastes be! Both of the novels sound very intriguing. Enjoyed your post.

    1. Those are two very different show! lol. I have been enjoying Downton Abbey. It stinks how long you have to wait between seasons!

  2. Loved Buffy too! Hawaii 5-O def a big yes. Yummy. Alex is hot. Love the Secret Circle also. I could list by days of the week. My new favorite now is Lost Girl on Syfy

    1. I'm so like you Wendy. I have way too many shows, I seriously can't take on anymore. Its ridiculous! Never seen Lost Girl.

  3. Well not much TV for me. I thought I watched a lot, but when I read all of your shows there was only one I have watched and I don't watch it any more. I watch a lot of HGTV and Food Network, but mostly I read. When my grandchildren are over I get to watch Dora, Diego, Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi. Ugh! I think you get the point. lol. I love your books Lori!

    1. Hi Mary! When we can't agree on what to watch, we usually watch HGTV here, since we all enjoy it. My favorite is house hunters international. Love to see how much homes cost in other countries, you know, in case I become a millionaire and can move to England or France :)

  4. I don't watch much TV but I do watch once upon a time every sunday and I like Tru Blood and Spartacus when they come on. Of course Tru Blood and Spartacus have hot men also lol.

    1. I do love Once Upon a Time!
      I never saw Spartacus, but so sad when that actor in the original series died.

    2. Yes it was and he was very good in the Spartacus role

  5. Most of the shows I'm watching lately are reality based. NY Ink, Ink Masters, American Chopper, Celebrity Apprentice. There are a few other shows that I like to watch such as CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, and I try to watch Once Upon a Time but it frustrates me at times. Others, I just forget to watch.


    1. I hear ya, Once Upon a Time does frustrate me at times too :)

  6. I've only recently started with some TV watching and they have been The Walking Dead, Lost Girl and Being Human (US). Of course I love movies, but prefer the books first...usually...but I'll be seeing the Hunger Games before I read them!

    1. I watched Being Human UK version and really liked it, didn't get into the US one. Not sure why. It's not bad, I guess because I already saw the UK version. I did watch the first season of Walking Dead. It was soooo good, but its just too gory for me. Btw, my son's teacher from last year is the real mother of the little boy in the Walking Dead. She is super nice and I saw her son at the school a few times. Seemed like a good kid.

      I have only read the first Hunger Games books. The movie looks sooooo good! So emotional. I'll def. see it. Honestly, sometimes I like the movie better than the book, just makes it more "real" for me, I guess.

  7. I love The Walking Dead it's so gory but it's one of my favorites. And Yes I agree, love Once Upon a Time but it is dragging. Supernatural is a favorite too. Oh Lost Girl is so good, it's about a Succubus and the Fae- really, really, really like it

  8. I love most all paranormal shows on right now.. a few i havent been able to tho.. But your books sound really interesting