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With great pride we are thrilled to have Lori Foster as our SPECIAL guest author today on the blog.

Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a Waldenbooks, Borders, USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly and New York Times bestselling author. Currently with Berkley/Jove, Lori has published through a variety of houses, including Kensington, St. Martin’s, Harlequin, Silhouette and Samhain. Believing it’s important to give back to the community as much as possible, Lori has overseen special contests in conjunction with publishers, facilitating many first sales for new authors. She routinely organizes events among authors and readers to gather donations for various organizations and charities. Lori’s outstanding work made it a tough job to try and pick out just a few books to share with you today. They are like different flavors of ice cream. You really need to try them all to understand how unique and yummy they all really are. To top off this special treat, Lori is adding sprinkles by sponsoring giveaways for THREE of our followers today.
3. a t-shirt

To enter, be a follower of this blog, leave a comment or question for Lori today along with your email address. Winners will be drawn by a random drawing. Sorry U.S.residents only.

1. You are able to roll a connection of romance with steamy sex to write very yummy sexual scenes. Does this come easy for you or do you like to skip them over and come back later after having a couple of mugs of strong hot coffee?

[Lori said:] I’m a linear writer. I write the scenes in the order that they appear. And yeah, I guess they come naturally. The characters pretty much tell me what they want to do and how they want to do it. I just get it on paper. Some characters are more sexually charged than others, some are kinkier, some more romantic. I’d say all the men are very focused on physical satisfaction. ;-)

2. When developing characters for a story do you completely take from your imagination or do bits and pieces from people you know or briefly met have a part when putting together a personality on the page? Have you ever purposely fashioned a character after a friend or someone you admired? Who do you feel is in control of traits and personal attributes in your characters (you or your characters)?

[Lori said:] My characters call all the shots! Sure, drips and drabs of personalities familiar to me sometimes show up in the stories. That’s unavoidable. And sometimes I hear my sons or hubby say or do something funny that gets incorporated in a book as part of the male pov. (Point of view.) But I have never deliberately “copied” any person that I actually know. Shoot, the people I know are nice normal folks – not at all the “larger than life” characters of books.

3. Out of all your books, if you could have dinner with just one character you have created, which would you pick and why?

[Lori said:] Luther, from the “Servant” series, written by me as L. L. Foster. Talk about a guy who can roll with the punches! He’s mega big, very sexy, and so intelligent and caring. I adore him. But then I adore Gaby too. It still surprises me that Amazon named the #2 book in that series, “Servant: The Acceptance,” as the #1 Editor’s Pick in Romance. A very nice surprise!

4. I know sometimes kids can be horrified by just being seen with their parents in a public place (like the mall). How do your sons handle having a mom that writes romance with sizzling sex scenes?

[Lori said:] My boys are fantastic! Very proud and they brag and they’re not in the least bothered by what I write. They do tease me sometimes – and I smack them in return. LOL. But they’ve never been shy about showing affection in public. More often than not, I have to insist they not lift me up or swing me around. They’re very demonstrative – even in public places!

5. With so many wonderful books under your belt, do you ever have trouble keeping fresh new ideas flowing when it comes time to sit down and start a new project?

[Lori said:] Oh Lord, no never. I wish I had more time and energy to get all the ideas on paper! What happens is that one idea will be more demanding than another. One character will kick up more of a fuss. The squeaky wheel gets oiled, you know. So whichever character/plot is plaguing me the most gets written next. Works for me – and apparently works for my muse as well.

6. Of all the stories you have, which are you the most proud of and why?

[Lori said:] Well, not to get tomatoes thrown at me, but I’m still thrilled with “My Man Michael.” Yeah, it was very wrong of me to drop a futuristic time travel into the middle of a contemporary series. Live and learn! LOL. But I LOVE that book, the characters and the setting and I hope to one day write more TT. I had a blast with it. Obviously, if I do venture there again, I will know NOT to take readers by surprise with it. It will be separate from other series, and properly labeled as a Time Travel. ;-)

I’m also mega fond of my Servant books, as L. L. Foster.

You know, I guess the different stuff is what I like most, maybe because it is so different. It’s very refreshing for an author to step outside the tried and true and daringly do something new and exciting.

7. Community/charity work is something you don’t let slide by you (which is wonderful considering how busy you have to be). Your 8th ANNUAL READER & AUTHOR GET TOGETHER is just a few months away, scheduled to begin June 1st. With registration completely full and a waiting list in hand, will the future hold changes? Do you feel that with the next few years that you will be able to enlarge the event to accommodate more attendance?

[Lori said:] I can’t see us changing venues because the Marriott in West Chester is so wonderful to us. They truly have a hand in our ability to keep the event a very affordable $50. That was our whole goal – to do something lowkey and fun, casual and relaxed, where readers and authors could get together and TALK without all the noise of a band or a crazy schedule pulling them away, and we wanted it to be affordable for one and all. Dianne Castell aka Duffy Brown, Linda Keller and I have worked hard to make that a reality.

So while we won’t be moving from the original location, yes, we will be reconfiguring some things. 500 attendees will always be our max. We can’t change that. But I do hope to get back to our “roots” a little for 2013 with limited authors and more readers. Bummer that we have to do that, but it’s unavoidable – proven by the insane rush for 2012. J Dianne, Linda and I are thrilled with how popular the event has gotten, but this is about and for the readers. We will make it so! LOL

8.The saying goes, no one can tell you what it is like to be a parent until you become one yourself. The same holds true in the wonderful world of grand babies. Can you tell us your joy and how it has changed your life?

When my first son was born, and with each son after (3 total) my biggest prayer was to let me live long enough to see them grown. I was a very hands-on mom. The epitome of a mother hen. I left my kids with no one, enjoyed every second with them, and though I know I made mistakes (who doesn’t?) it was never from a lack of caring or concern. Just human failing. Well, the boys are grown. My prayers were answered.

And now I have grandsons. :::sigh::: The oldest is 6 year old and so incredibly awesome that he keeps me endlessly entertained. Talk about loving someone? That little man steals my heart on a daily basis. He’s bossy and independent and too smart for his own good, and I can’t imagine going more than a week without seeing him.

And now he has a brand new baby brother. Seeing him with his baby brother is a unique joy, the kind that makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. My heart is so full it wants to burst.

God gave me my prayers and let me be here to raise my boys, so I won’t get greedy and ask for more. Now I just give thanks for all I have – it is substantial. Not the career or all it’s brought to me. But the wonderful husband of over 33 years, the 3 healthy sons who I love more than life, and now that gift of 2 beautiful grandsons. I am a very, very blessed person, and I know it.

9. As in all things, there is praise, constructive suggestions, and then there is the dreaded, raised eyebrow with unwelcome rude criticism. How do you deal with this and your work?

[Lori said:] I don’t really care. Life is life. You run into conflicts in everything you do. No one is perfect, so no one is ever going to be thought perfect – in anything, especially writing. That old adage that you can’t please all of the people all of the time is especially true with fiction. Unlike some people, books are not my babies. They’re just my books. If a readers doesn’t like one, I sincerely wish her luck in finding a new author/book that she does enjoy. Reading time is a precious thing and should never be wasted on books you don’t like.

I’m not out to educate anyone. I only want to entertain. If what I write doesn’t entertain you, don’t read it.

That said, I’ve been endlessly harassed by some who think I “dissed” readers in my book, “When You Dare.” That is SO not true. Sure, I didn’t mention some of the crazier readers out there. They’re few and far between, but occasionally a reader (or more like a nut) will go over the line. Not with criticism, which I can take. Not even with anger, which is expected if a reader *really* disliked a book.

But I’ve had actual threats issued against me. Threats that brought out the local police, who called in forensics experts.

I’ve had people write me and tell me I needed to die because they disliked a book. That’s not natural. That’s not a disgruntled reader. That’s a nut.

I’ve also had those over-the-top enthusiasts who repeatedly try to send flowers to my P.O. Box and send me :::cough::: intimate photos of themselves.

So disgruntled, angry, disappointed readers should always feel free to vent to me!

But people who want me dead, or want to send me a nekkid photo... not so much.

Some will always try to put the worst slant imaginable on everything an author does. Such is life.

Overall, I have THE most amazing readers ever. I love sharing in their lives, hearing from them (when they love a book and when they don’t. LOL) and just plain chatting on Facebook and Twitter and email. This is an awesome gig, made more so by the readers. I’m blessed x 10!

10. Let’s talk about MEN WHO WALK THE EDGE OF HONOR SERIES. (As I fan myself because it is suddenly getting very warm in here *G*) Tell us a little about the series and it’s next installment A PERFECT STORM.

[Lori said:] I first came up with the idea after watching “Taken” with Liam Neeson. His daughter was stolen away and by necessity, he had to go past other women in jeopardy so that he could rescue his daughter. I soooo badly wanted him to be heroic enough, somehow competent enough, to free everyone. So my muse started working on the idea and came up with Dare – “When You Dare” and Trace – “Trace of Fever.”

I knew going in that Dare and Trace would each have a book, and I knew Trace had a sister, Alani.

Jackson surprised me when he showed up, especially since he showed up already lusting for Alani. Of course he became the hero in the third book, “Savor the Danger.”

And Arizona wasn’t planned. One minute I was writing Jackson’s story, and then poof – Arizona was there. Bigger poof – and Spencer hit the page.  I LOVE how my muse does that for me!

Almost from the minute she showed up, I knew Arizona would have her own story – especially when Spencer got near her. Fun times.

Did I already say what a great gig writing is? I have a blast!

For interested readers, April, with “A Perfect Storm,” is the last book of that series.
In October, I launch a new series with new characters – 4 books, heroes: Logan, Reese, Rowdy and Dash.  I don’t have a series name for that series yet. My editor is working on it. But I know some of the titles:

1st Book – “Run The Risk”, out in October 2012.
2nd Book – “Bare it All,” Reese’s story.
3rd Book – “Getting Rowdy,” Rowdy’s story.

No idea yet on the fourth book, but it should be Dash’s story. It’s unusual for me to go into a series already knowing all 4 heroes – but that’s how it worked out this time. All 4 guys are in that first book, so readers will know them right off.
The plan is for the books to be released around May/April and Sept/Oct of each year, with reissues bracketed in around Feb and Nov. At least, that’s the plan from my current publisher, Harlequin. Other publishers will probably be reissuing other books too.
Oh, and I should almost always have an anthology in June. Those June anthologies are my “Benefit Books,” where the advance and all royalties go directly to a wonderful local charity.

11. For fans that want to keep up with news and your latest work could you give us a few links to help stay in-touch?

And I have a monthly, announcement-only newsletter: http://www.lorifoster.com/newsletter/index.php

And if you like my books – there’s a FREE app for that!! Search the iPhone library, or for Android, go to: http://mobileroadie.com/apps/lori-foster


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    I've asked this before (a few years ago...I've been a L.F reader for awhile now :D ), but I wonder are you still considering doing a story for Willow and Clay from the Visitation series or is that story all wrapped up to make way for fresh ideas/characters?


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  20. Loved the interview!
    I adore Lori's Men of Honor series and I just started her SBC Fighters series. I'm very interested in her Buckhorn Brothers series too! I'm excited!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!!!


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  32. Hi all,
    Blast it, but I'm mega sorry that I wasn't here during the actual blog. It has been truly insane around my house with a new deadline looming, a new book out with tons of promo (I've been doing radio interviews almost every day it seems!) life in general with two beautiful grandsons, and on top of all that, we're remodeling our little lake house, so I've been driving out there often to check on things. Crazy, crazy!
    I hope you'll all forgive me.

    I know there were some specific questions, so I want to answer those right now. It has to be a couple of posts because one post ended up too long!

    Adrian: I've asked this before but I wonder are you still considering doing a story for Willow and Clay from the Visitation series or is that story all wrapped up to make way for fresh ideas/characters?

    * Thank you Adrian! You know, I always planned to do a story for them. But in this biz, when one publisher buys you away from another (that is, offers a better contract) it makes it very difficult to finish characters/storylines from the previous publisher. If I ever end up back at Kensington, I have a feeling those characters will insist on a story of their own. But until then, it probably won't happen.

    Dina: how does your mind keep coming up with theses books?

    * Boy, I have NO idea. I always have 5 or 6 storylines in my head at any given time. I write whichever character is bugging me the most, but that doesn't make the others go away. They sort of sit in a corner of my mind and grumble until I can get to them. LOL

    Thank you again everyone! This was loads of fun.
    And again, I'm so very, very sorry that I wasn't around to answer the questions when they popped up.

    Hugs to all!


  33. 2nd part of my post, to answer the other questions:

    Lori Meehan Question: hmm....... I love that a lot of you books have pets (rescued) involved in the strories. Do donate any of your profits to animal rescue organizations? I ask this with 3 of my 4 dogs, (2 cats and 1 parrot) on my lap. Lol.

    * I do! Actually, I do one book a year where all proceeds go to a local charity. This June will be the 2nd time I've donated all proceeds to the AAF - Animal Adoption Foundation - a no-kill animal shelter near me. www.AAFPets.com In fact, two of the animals you met in this series - Liger in "Trace of Fever" and Grim in "Savor the Danger" are brothers who were adopted from the AAF.
    In total, we have 4 cats who sleep in at night, and many, many more feral cats that we've trapped, gotten "fixed" and vaccinated, and then released again. They return to our wrap around porch to sleep, eat, get fresh water - but they won't let us pet them.
    We also have a little 7lb doggie who despises all the cats. I swear, she often curses in the morning when she tries to go out for her constitutional, and it sounds like she's saying, "We're FILTHY with cats." LOL All the cats are larger than her, and for some reason they LOVE her, so they're forever trying to rub on her and dropping down in front of her to get her attention. LOL. it's hilarious.

    Emma: Are you going to go back and add to some of your previous series? Like the Winston's or The SBC fighters?

    * I never say never, but I don't have that as a plan. I'm currently working on the new series (series title: LOVE UNDERCOVER) with "Run the Risk" out in Oct, and "Bare it All" being written now to be released around April/May 2013. After that, I'm sure Dash and Rowdy will insist on stories (other characters from that series) so... probably not. :-)

    Miss: When writing a series, is it more of you that needs to tell the other characters story or is it the fans who want more?

    * Good question! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my readers - but never have I tailored a series for them. I can't. I can only do what my Muse wants to do. It seems every series that ended has wrought some disgruntled readers. Many want each series to continue. But I just can't do that. 4 or 5 books in a series is usually my limit. After that, the Muse starts conjuring new places and people and plots.

    Thank you all again! Have a WONDERFUL weekend -and keep smiling!