Monday, April 9, 2012

Guess what?? For the first time ever on VWaFOM we have a Male Cover Model joining us for a Q&A.

Everyone meet Scott Nova....  
We met Scott at the R.T. Convention in L.A. last year and thought he would be a great "first" for us. So ladies.. check out the Q&A and please take your time looking at the photos..ENJOY!

1. How long have you been modeling and what led you to this career choice?
Scott- I started modeling in '97 when I tried for a runway show. I was not thrilled, and living in the Midwest isn't the best for runway models. So I gave up till 2008 when I started putting muscle on when I went to the fire service academy to become a firefighter/EMT. It really took off for me when I went to RT - 2011 in LA for the Mr. Romance competition. Putting on nearly 35lbs of muscle tends to make for a good cover model.

 2. With all the different kind of genres out there, is there one that you feel your look leans stronger towards?
Scott- I feel I'm most suited for the cover industry & physique industry.

3. On photo shoots do you have to bring your own wardrobe or are you given a stylist?
Scott-Yeah I bring my own wardrobe and do my own makeup to smooth out my skin a little bit. I am shooting with Hot Damn Designs in June 2012, and that will be the first shoot that I will do where all I bring is myself. 

4. Do you do other modeling like advertisements or do you like doing only cover modeling?
Scott- I am with two agencies and I'm hoping to do some work for big companies, because it pays VERY well, and is a great way to get your name out there. Cover modeling is BRUTALLY hard to make good money at.

5. Would you like to do this as a full time career, and do you workout every day?
Scott- I only workout 5days a have to have days when you rest. I'd give up ALL my modeling and all that comes with it to get a job as a full time fireman in a heart beat. That's my true run into a burning building, when everyone else is running out.
6. How does your family feel about you being half naked on a cover?
Scott-LOL not that it’s bad thing! Oddly enough, my mom is one of my biggest fans. She remembers the skinny little kid that was bullied in school...and now I'm the guy being asked for advice at the gym. :)

7. Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where did you grow up? Play any sports? Hobbies? What types of books do you like reading in your free time? Favorite music & movie?
Scott-I'm a pretty broad guy...I love race cars (drag racing specifically) and grew up building them. I own a 1970 Chevy Nova. I grew up out in the country of Southwestern PA about an hour south of Pittsburgh. I've trained martial arts since I was 11yrs old and that's the only sport I have ever known. I do love volleyball though. I have many hobbies...working out and improving my body has become huge in my life. I do bodybuilding competitions as well. I love to play Dungeons 'N' Dragons and have been a Dungeon Master. I am a sci-fi & horror fanboy so my all-time favorite movies are the Alien Franchise with Sigourney Weaver and then The Crow with the late Brandon Lee. I love my country music!! :) My single BEST thing in the whole being a Dad! No matter how tired I am or upset at the world, that little man of mine comes running to the door when I walk in. That feels pretty damn good!

8. Do you have any authors that you would love to be their cover model?
Scott-Oh man...what a "loaded" question...haha! Of course I would love to be on some NY best-selling books for the exposure such as JR Ward, Jacquelyn Franks etc. but I work JUST as hard on a cover for the small self-pubbing author as I do for the BIG authors.
9. Are you a member of any of the websites that use your photos and allow the Indie authors to create their own covers? (Something like RNC, I know Jimmy Thomas created this site but I’ve heard of others that models and authors can use to create covers. I’ve noticed a few self made covers on Ellora’s Cave)
Scott-I am a part of On Your Cover which is a one stop shop website. Also with Franny Armstrong and her site which is also a design house. Also shooting with Hot Damn Designs soon, which is very similar to RNC.

10. When you pose for a cover, are you given any details and direction about the character? How is the photo shoot directed with character focus in mind?
Scott-For example...Angela Knight just order a photo-shoot for her trailer that will debut at RT...the character has a double-sided axe and wears jeans and such. She told me about the character and also gave me direction on what jeans she wanted, and all. I've also had some authors that don't give direction, they just say they need a look and have at it.

11. Do you have an agent? How do you get your name and photo out there to the mass market?
Scott-I do have an agent in JD DeWitt as well as I have a great relationship with Lisa Pietsch who is my social media consultant and has given me GREAT idea's and direction. Getting my name out there is just staying busy and diligent.

12. When doing a photo shoot with a woman do you get turned on?
Scott-I have only done 2 shoots with a female, and 1 was with an absolute GORGEOUS brunette..and yes it was a big of a turn-on because she was in lingerie and we were on a bed :) You can see the photo's from the shoot on my Facebook page. Just do a search for Scott Nova. But typically, I am all business.

13. Are you an ass or breast man? Yes please!
Scott-But I'd have to say breast man more than ass.

14. Biggest turn on?
Scott-Athletic, and confident women that know how to give their man what they need.

15. Do you think the men in the romance books do the "romancing" right being it's mostly written by a woman?
Scott-I've actually not read enough of the books to have a good answer for this. But I'd have to say that the women paint the perfect romance alpha male that most guys can't live up to all the time. But it sure is fun trying :)

16. Ever have a sexy nickname & how did you get it?
Scott-Not really

17. Where's your favorite place to be kissed or you favorite place to kiss a woman?
Scott-My ears and neck...drives me nuts. And also love it when a woman kisses down my chest and abs.

18. What's your favorite color of lingerie or would you rather skip the sexy clothes?
Scott-In all honesty...I love black and purple..those are my favorite colors...BUT when on a woman it depends on the woman. Her hair, complexion (tan or no tan) changes how it looks. A brunette with a nice tan looks irresistible in white lingerie. YUM! /licks lips and HELL no I love the sexy me something to take off. 

19. Do you get a choice of how your pic is used- either as a stand-alone character on the cover or with someone else? How do you feel about being on the cover with another man?
Scott-I have no problem on a cover with another male.


  1. Hi Scott! Loved the interview. Thank you!


  2. I enjoyed reading your first model interview and learning more about cover modeling. Thanks!

    I loved the answer about being a dad and I wish Scott luck about getting into firefighting. My brother in law is a firefighter and he loves it.

  3. Hey Scott .. I see you were holding out on the pics from last year.. Nice to see you again.. Look yummy as always..