Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lynsay Sands - Under a Vampire Moon (Book 17)

When Vampires Go On Vacation . . .Escaping a horrible marriage, Carolyn Connor has no desire to think about men—a vow she's determined to keep while on vacation in St. Lucia. She'll take the Caribbean sun and sea and plenty of tropical drinks with those cute umbrellas poolside, thank you. She absolutely does not need male company, no matter how tan and rock-hard his body may be.Easy enough, but then Carolyn meets the charming Marguerite Argeneau, who is infamous among her family for her matchmaking prowess . . .Christian Notte has well known the power of finding a life mate. He's seen enough of his Argeneau relatives taken down for the count, but he never imagined he'd let himself fall in love—until he meets the enthralling, charmingly skittish, and oh-so-mortal Carolyn. But how will he reveal what he is and still convince this once-bitten mortal to trust him with her heart . . . and her forever? 

I enjoyed this story. I will admit it did seem a little slower but I enjoyed seeing Carolyn and Christian come together. You do get to see Marguerite, Julius, and some cousins in this book also. Julius gives Christian a hard time about finding his life mate since Christian did it to him. I enjoy seeing the characters together and as always Lynsay Sands does a great job with the interactions of them. When Marguerite meets Carolyn she knows that she is Christian's life mate but she also knows the past that Carolyn has had with her ex-husband Robert. So Marguerite knows that they have to think of something for Christian to be near her without Carolyn running away. So Gia talks to Carolyn and finds out that Carolyn use to be a beard (pretend girlfriend for a gay guy) so Gia tells her that Christian is gay and then the story takes off. The story was funny and like I said, Christian and Carolyn are great together. Will Carolyn ever be comfortable with a younger guy to let her love again? And will Christian be able to convince her to not run away from the love they have?

My rating -  4

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