Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dylan- C.H. Admirand (book 2)

THERE WAS NOTHING HE COULDN’T TAME… Dylan Garahan might be an old hand at lassoing fillies, but one night at the Lucky Star club, and he ends up wrapping his rope around someone that even his formidable strength can’t tame. She’s wily and beautiful… and she’s his new boss. Dylan’s had his heart broken before, but even an honest cowpoke has to wrestle with temptation…

UNTIL HE GOT HIS LASSO AROUND HER… Ronnie DelVecchio might be fresh off the bus from New Jersey, but she’s a hard-edged businesswoman and has had her fill of men she can’t trust — although she might consider getting off her high horse for that big, handsome rancher with a Texas drawl.
Loved this book, I enjoyed it more than the first book but only because of Dylan. The cowboy who doesn't say much but when he does talk he says what he means and means what he says. Once Tyler and Emily move in together at the ranch he stops stripping at Emily's club so Dylan is volunteered until the replacement can get there. While working he lassos Ronnie and pulls her one stage with him. Ronnie is a woman new to Pleasant, Texas and is a small business owner that a very people in town don't want there. Dylan falls hard and fast for her but each have ghost from relationships past haunting them. With a little tug of war with her heart she finally realizes what she could have with Dylan. Other things from her past try to keep her head from falling for him even when her heart is already there. The DelVecchio  family "curse" as she calls it keeps her mind spinning but once she opens up it is an awesome thing for the rest of her body. This slow talking cowboy can talk the panties off of any woman but he has his heart and body set on one New Jersey woman. When these two admit they love each other their world opens up for them both. I can't wait to read Jesse's story to know how these two and the "curse" turn out.
My Rating: 4.5
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  1. OMGoodness, Wendy! Thanks so much for the FAB review of DYLAN. I'm delighted that you enjoyed the book and reading Ronnie & Dylan's story.

    Hmmm...I guess you'll have to wait a little longer to find out how the curse works out, I'm eyeball deep in bk 2 of my new small town USA series right now. BUT, I do have a book planned where I revisit and tie up some threads that I needed to leave dangling just a bit so readers will want to come on back to Pleasure, Texas!