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Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Before you drag out the grill and get the burgers and dogs sizzling, take a minute and checkout our very special guest today,... SHAYLA BLACK.

Shayla Black (aka Shelley Bradley) is the New York Times bestselling author of over 30 sizzling contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances for multiple print and electronic publishers. She lives in Texas with her husband, munchkin, and one very spoiled cat. In her "free" time, she enjoys reality TV, reading and listening to an eclectic blend of music.
Shayla has won or placed in over a dozen writing contests, including Passionate Ink's Passionate Plume, Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, and the National Reader's Choice Awards. Romantic Times has awarded her Top Picks, a KISS Hero Award and a nomination for Best Erotic Romance

1. Where do you write and what is your writing environment like?
I write all over my house, but largely in my husband's office and the family room. I prefer to be alone in the house, though that's not always possible. I try to keep wherever I'm writing a clutter-free zone. Try, but I don't always succeed.

2. What type of music do you listen to while writing? Is it different for each book?
I have a huge bank of music that I draw from when I write. Some books or scenes call for hard, angry music or tender music a character can cry to. Or sexy music your characters can get naked with. Some of the music is what I'd listen to in the car on my usual iPod rotation. Some is purely instrumental. I love a wide variety of music, so I'm always playing some when I'm writing.

3. Who has been the hardest to relate to of the Brethren, to allow the story to flow on paper?
When I originally started writing Entice Me At Twilight, I tried to pair Simon with a heroine named Elisabeth. He did not like her at all. She was more reserved than Felicia

4. When you are writing and you come up against a roadblock, is there anything unique you do to get over it?
Listen to music that inspires me and talk to friends who encourage me. Yes, I'll think about and talk about the problem, but without those two key ingredients, the book I'm cooking in my head doesn't quite come out right.

5. How many hours do you spend writing a day? What is a typical Shayla day?
There is no typical Shayla day. It depends on SO much. Usually at least 4. Today, with a deadline breathing down my neck, I've written 10+, as I have every day for nearly the last month. Then in a few weeks, we'll be on a family vacation, so I won't write at all. It's also harder to be as productive with school out of session. My quiet house isn't so quiet then.

6. What is the best and worst part about being an author for you?
Working for yourself. On the one hand, you make your own schedule and have a lot of flexibility to take care of family and sneak the occasional fun activity mid-week. On the other hand, everyone knows you make your own schedule and that you have flexibility. If you're not careful, you'll find yourself thinking, "Oh, I'll have plenty of time to write later."

7. Which of your books did you find the most challenging to write and why?
I usually think that whatever I'm writing at the moment is my most challenging, but if I had to look back objectively, I'd say that nearly all Doomsday Brethren titles are a challenging, but probably Entice Me At Twilight more than the others because I wrote a third of the book, then had to scrap it all and start over with a new heroine. Duke didn't like the first one I tried to give him. Surrender To Me was a challenge. I kept wanting to fight Hunter and make him a bit more mellow. He wasn't having that. When I finally stopped fighting, the book went smoothly.

8. If you could be anyone of the Brethren, which one would it be?
Well, I think it would be fun to step into Olivia's shoes for a bit as she's trying to learn her magic. She's got a mate who's definitely drool-worthy. I think I'd love to have some of Sabelle's powers - and her mate. He's a definite favorite of mine! But of everyone, I love Shock. He's got the biggest secrets, but some really cool powers to go with them.

8. One of our followers found out that you were going to visit the blog and she had a questions she wanted to ask,...........
I have noticed that you write quite a few stories about Dom/Submissive relationships. I would like to know how prevalent that life style is. I mean, I live in a small town and had no idea until I started reading and ran into BDSM stories. Are there a lot of these clubs around that people actually go to, or do authors that write about this lifestyle tend to use this topic as kind of a fantasy that draws women to the bk? I always wondered because I have never known a real live Dominant (at least that I know of!!!!).
There are lots of practitioners of the lifestyle, really. They might be anything from people into occasional bondage or into a 24/7 complete power exchange. People are often very private about this for obvious reasons, but I think it's more common than you'd think. Clubs are most often found in big cities, but I'd say that there are lots of groups of people in the lifestyle who have private parties, so most would never know. I have quite a few friends in the lifestyle and sites like have helped those who do practice connect. It's great to see people talking to others and learning.

9. For any of our followers that haven’t read The Doomsday Brethren Series, could you tell them what it is about?
I originally sold the series on this concept:
In today’s world of technology, science and logic, few people realize that magic lives and breathes-and walks on two legs-among mortals. Or that magickind possesses a weapon that can hurt, heal, comfort, destroy, grant fantasies, bring peace. Or, in the hands of someone terrible and strong enough to call forth its power, the weapon can bring about Doomsday.
Created during the days of the Round Table, it resurfaces in modern-day London and is sought by a wizard of evil brilliance with one goal: dominion over human and magical worlds alike. Only a band of wizards, enemies who must learn to become friends and accept love, can save the world from destruction.
Or as I like to call it, it's my very adult Harry Potter with twists.

10. OK, I have held back about as long as I can, (not able to sit still in my chair). I am so excited, (OMG!) Tell us as much as you can about your latest release, “Embrace Me at Dawn”?
Here's the official blurb:

No man will ever define her again.

Anka MacTavish lost everything when Mathias D’Arc captured her, shattered her bond with her mate, and broke both her body and spirit. Determined to heal her bleeding soul, she joins the Doomsday Brethren’s fight to vanquish the evil wizard and seize her revenge. But becoming a magical warrior will require close contact with her former mate, the love who’s never left her heart, Lucan. And she’ll have to explain why she left him and fled to the arms of another lover…

No woman can ever take her place.

Lucan’s world crumbled when Anka escaped Mathias and sought protection from his long-time rival, Shock. Now she has returned, and Lucan must train her to confront a new and terrible danger that threatens magickind. With every punch, blow, and parry, Lucan discovers that Anka isn’t the demure wife he once knew, and his growing desire for this woman is a need he can’t control. He vows to do whatever it takes to reclaim her heart and make her his once more. But when the Doomsday Brethren are forced to make an unlikely alliance, it will test Anka’s resolve like never before. To survive, she and Lucan must rely on one another, face their deepest fears…and expose the dark secrets that threaten to destroy everything, including their love.

I'm still getting a sense for the book myself, but I can tell you that it's deeply emotional. LOTS of angst. And more than a few jaw-dropping moments for readers of the series. I can't WAIT to share this book!

THANKS SO MUCH for taking time out of your busy weekend to come by and visit with us!!! We enjoyed having you Shayla.
To top of this feature, Shayla is having a fantastic giveaway for 2 of our followers. The first winner will get to pick 1 book from the DOOMSDAY BRETHREN series and the second winner will have a choice from one of the WICKED LOVERS series. Plus she is going to add some of her new swag products that she just recieved, WooHoo!!!  Remember you have to be a follower, leave a comment or question along with your email address to be entered. (US residents only)

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